New ad features naked woman in steamy room, apparently to promote new apartments

Supporter speaks out: as soon as a company uses sexualised images to promote their products, they have plummeted to the lowest 'elevation' possible.




“When I first saw this billboard I wondered what exactly Cirrus was selling. I saw three images of a topless woman in a steamy room... Of course, this must be an ad for 1,2 & 3-bedroom waterfront apartments, how could I have missed that? It's quite obvious that the apartments must include a shower with hot water! In the temporary office set up for inquiries and sales, there are huge framed images of the woman adding to the mood as you inquire into purchasing one of these luxury apartments.

On the company’s website, in case you are looking for an apartment, you first get to check out the steamy image of a naked woman, before scrolling down to find out about the inclusions in your new home. I noticed the photo included of the Managing Director of Per Se Developments, that he had the privilege of being fully clothed in his photo shoot.

Elevated? Timeless? Contemporary? Modern? Maybe the apartments will be all that the advertising promises, but as soon as a company uses sexualised images to promote their products, they have plummeted to the lowest 'elevation' possible.  If Cirrus truly wants to be innovative as the website implies, maybe they should think of something new to use in their advertisements, as they currently shout 'out-of-date, distasteful and degrading'.”

Thank you to our supporter for taking on this ad and sharing their insights! Stay tuned for updates as our campaign on this ad continues.


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