Are you anti-sex?

Are you anti-sex?


We are not against sex – we are against sexual exploitation. Unfortunately, the two are often conflated, with any critique of sexual objectification and exploitation framed as an objection to sex – often a deliberate attempt to silence those who speak out against sexual exploitation industries.  

As sociologist and founder of Culture Reframed Gail Dines explained, "People who often criticise pornography are called ‘anti-sex’, to which I would argue that if you want to be pro-sex you have to be anti-porn. You can’t be pro-porn and pro-sex, you have to pick one. I think those of us who are against pornography are against pornography because we can’t stand what it does to sex. We can’t stand to see the way in which it reduces sex to an industrial, toxic product, which is exactly what pornography does." 

We speak out against a culture that sexualises children, that exposes them to adult sexual concepts prematurely, and imposes toxic ideas about sex and sexuality on them. We challenge the message to women and girls that their worth is defined by their sexual appeal. We believe young people should be able to develop healthy relationships and authentic sexuality free from the influence of the global porn industry and its messages.


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