Are you looking for speakers with expertise in addressing the harms of sexualisation, objectification, pornography and porn culture? 

Collective Shout offers experienced and engaging communicators who have been addressing these issues for more than 10 years. We offer presentations for schools, conferences, corporate engagements, youth and community events. 

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  • Sexualisation of children
  • Objectification of women and girls in media, advertising, and pop culture 
  • Harms of pornography + porn culture
  • Body Image
  • Mental health, wellbeing + resilience
  • Respectful relationships/consent
  • Re-imagining masculinity, by-stander effect, challenging harmful stereotypes, growing empathy
  • Violence against women, sex trade, trafficking + human rights
  • Trauma-informed counselling + resources
  • Corporate Social Responsibility 
  • Collective Shout: history, campaigns, victories + how to bring about cultural change

We offer one-off presentations, half day, full day and multi-day presentations. Our preference in schools is at least one full day to reach the whole school community.

Melinda Tankard Reist, Movement Director

Melinda is an author, speaker, media commentator, and advocate for young people. She is best known for her work addressing sexualisation, objectification, harms of pornography, sexual exploitation, trafficking and violence against women. Melinda is author/editor of six books including Getting Real: Challenging the Sexualisation of Girls (Spinifex Press, 2009) and Big Porn Inc: Exposing the harms of the global pornography industry (Spinifex Press, 2011, co-edited with Dr Abigail Bray).

Melinda has appeared on ABC’s Q&A and The Gruen Sessions and many other TV and radio programs. Melinda is co-founder of the grassroots campaigning movement, Collective Shout: for a world free of sexploitation. She is an Ambassador for World Vision Australia, Compassion Australia, Hagar NZ and the youth mentoring body the Raise Foundation, Melinda is also Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Culture and Ethics, Notre Dame University, Sydney.

She is named in the Who’s Who of Australian Women and the World Who’s Who of Women.

Daniel Principe, Youth Advocate & Educator

Daniel partners with schools and communities to challenge porn culture and the sexualisation of women and girls. He works with young men across Australia to reimagine healthy expressions of masculinity.

A health professional, Daniel has a background in PR, marketing, media, and previously worked as an adviser in the non-profit health sector. He recognises the urgent need to help equip young people with the tools necessary to understand the impacts of harmful messaging from media, advertising, pop culture and the global porn industry. He helps young men to see how these cultural forces fuel distorted ideas and attitudes about bodies, relationships and sexuality. 

Daniel helps young people navigate these cultural challenges and harmful stereotypes and is committed to advocating for healthy messages about sex, consent and building respectful relationships. Daniel is a dynamic and natural communicator who has co-presented in schools with Melinda Tankard Reist over a number of years. Together they have addressed teachers, parents and community groups across Australia on how we can all help to raise healthy, resilient and empathetic young people.


“I learnt to respect women and how to be a more complete man” - anon, 15, Kuyper Christian School, NSW

“Melinda Tankard Reist was the key speaker to address all our Year 7-10 students at our inaugural Wellbeing Day. Her informative, engaging and eye-opening presentation was better than I could have ever expected…Students have been talking about Melinda’s presentation every day since her visit to our school. Highly recommended - 10/10!!” - Julia Picone, Head Teacher Wellbeing, George’s River College, Peakhurst, NSW

“Thank you so much for your talk with us today. It is so important to acknowledge the injustices that riddle society - especially the normalised dehumanisation and sexualisation of women. It has been extremely comforting knowing that people like you are working behind the scenes to help protect women. It was a privilege for us to listen to you today - Ivy, 17, Good Samaritan Catholic College, NSW

“Daniel, your speech on Tuesday was extremely informative, I could relate to so many things you say. As a 17 year old these things should never happen to me, I cannot imagine what is going to happen to me in 10 or 20 years. Every part about the speech was so interactive for other girls to share their stories which is very important to know what is happening around us to our peers. Boys need to understand what is wrong and what is right. I feel empowered from that speech today. Thank you so much.” - anon, 17, St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls, WA. 

“Thank you for bringing an issue that is so prevalent and yet so rarely approached into a presentation like this. You were both so real and passionate with the way in which you spoke and yet so much more empathetic. There is a significant frankness and passion to the way in which Melinda and Daniel present which is both striking and ultimately authentic. You both do not try to play down complexity nor speak to areas that are not your expertise but the area that is, is so focused and not just tonally well-trodden, but vibrantly well lit.” - Naomi Sherborne, Health Promotion Officer Jewish Care


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