Join over 30,000 supporters standing against sexploitation.

Since we launched in 2010, we have achieved a huge number of significant wins: billboards objectifying women have been pulled down, inappropriate clothing for children withdrawn from sale, violent games banned, and other forms of sexualised advertising halted. Major corporations have joined our movement, pledging to reshape their practices for a world free of sexploitation!

This was all possible because thousands of people like you decided to speak out and take action.


We are hosting our first online Auction for Action, taking bids in the week of March 1 leading up to International Women's Day March 8. Successful bidders will be announced on this special day which this year celebrates women in leadership. 

As leaders in the fight against objectification, sexualisation, trafficking and pornography, we are hoping to generate significant funds for a cause we know you care about!

Our virtual auction will not only be a lot of fun – it will also raise much-needed funds to keep us going so we can achieve even more in 2021.

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Happy bidding! 

You can defend their right to childhood

A world free of sexploitation is possible!

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