Your support inspires Tony to see a better future for his three daughters


Tony is a father of three who sometimes despairs at the state of the world. 

And yet, thanks to your support, Tony is facing the future with confidence, knowing that our work together is helping to create real change in the lives of individuals, families and the wider community. 

Here’s what Tony had to say…

“I have been the at-home parent with my three daughters since the oldest was three months old. At times I have despaired for their future. However, this feeling is outweighed by the work you do.

“Their present is not my past of entrenched misogyny, because of the work you do. Their future is not my past of women settling for relationships that were neither loving nor intimate, because of the work you do.

“Many of the young men they’ll encounter will be better people, better men, because of the work you do. Their peers are more thoughtful and more generous of spirit than me and my peers at similar ages, because of the work you do. 

“The work Collective Shout does makes my life and the lives of our daughters better, our futures brighter, and our choices wider. Thank you.”

Thank you for helping give real hope to Tony – and so many more people like him across Australia!

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