Win! Wheels & Dollbaby complaint upheld

The power of one complaint: Speaking out leads to change

Collective Shout supporter, Isla, alerted us to a Wheels & Dollbaby ad promoting their 'St. Trinians collection - inspired by private schoolgirls who make their own rules'.

Wheels and Dollbaby is an Australian ‘rock n’ roll luxury clothing brand with an international market and status attracting big name clients. Clearly the label is popular. But why employ sexy private school girl tropes to push out its products?

School girls everywhere are routinely sexually harassed on a daily basis (and not just the private ones). On their way to school, on their way home.

We encouraged Isla to submit a complaint to Ad Standards.


Ad standards determined that the advertisement had a 'sexual connotation regarding minors' and that the 'overall effect of sexualising a minor is not appropriate'.

The ad has since been removed from social media. This is our 6th win for 2024!

Thanks to supporters like Isla for speaking out 🙌🏻

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