Call on the U.S. Attorney General Investigate OnlyFans

Collective Shout joins with National Centre on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) and thousands of grassroots advocates to urge the U.S. Attorney General to investigate OnlyFans, so they can be held accountable. 

OnlyFans is on the NCOSE 2023 Dirty Dozen List for facilitating sex trafficking, child sexual abuse material, and image-based sexual abuse.

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The letter states:

Please investigate OnlyFans for exploitive content and conduct found throughout their site.

I believe that OnlyFans is facilitating prostitution and sexual exploitation with its predatory platform based on revenue earned from vulnerable people’s bodies – especially the bodies of women and minors. Exploiting financial insecurities deepened by the COVID-19 crisis, OnlyFans promises fast cash, empowerment, and even fame, when in reality, it facilitates sexual exploitation, harms minors, and emboldens men to objectify and degrade women.

Law enforcement and service providers are seeing evidence of sex trafficking and child sex abuse material (CSAM) proliferating on the site. BBC recently ran an article about the significant number of minors selling nudes on OnlyFans, images that are CSAM under U.S. federal law.

OnlyFans has insufficient verification measures for age or consent—meaning, it is highly likely that CSAM and sex trafficking are on the platform. This website has all the hallmarks of (shut down by the FBI in 2018): pornographic pictures and videos are used to advertise for both sex trafficking and prostitution victims (including minors). Further, law enforcement is finding that many sex trafficking victims, and victims of CSAM, are coerced into creating live streams or webcam pornography as well. OnlyFans is an obvious marketplace for traffickers to promote and sell sexual exploitation.

Please investigate this company and hold them accountable!

Head to the NCOSE website to learn more.

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