Anti-sexploitation org condemns Australian government on age verification decision

"Age verification technology works"

Anti-sexploitation org, CEASE UK, has spoken out on the Australian Government's decision to dismiss age verification to prevent children accessing hardcore pornography. 

"Disappointing news from Australia. Not compelling pornography sites to implement age verification is a disastrous decision which will result in millions of Australian children being exposed to violent hardcore pornography online. 

Mindgeek, parent company of Pornhub was consulted as part of this 'roadmap' process.

Pornhub, a site renowned for profiting from videos of rape and sexual assault and facing legal action over allegations of human trafficking, was consulted on the safety and protection of children from online harms.

Age verification technology works, is privacy preserving & protects children. We stand with Collective Shout in imploring the Australian government to re-think its decision and put child protection before the profits of porn sites."

This comes after Australia's National Children's Commissioner also took to Twitter to express her disappointment

Read our Media Release here.

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