How did Crime Stoppers International end up taking money from the global porn industry?

How did Crime Stoppers International end up taking money from the global porn industry?

Crime Stoppers International entered into a commercial partnership with the criminal enterprise Pornhub through its parent company and private equity firm Ethical Capital Partners/Aylo.

Pornhub, notorious for hosting rape videos, child abuse. Pornhub, whose parent company has been criminally charged by the U.S. Government for “knowingly” profiting from sex trafficking crime scenes and who 200 victims are suing. Pornhub, renowned for being the biggest dispenser of violence, degradation and dehumanisation of women and girls in the world.

Fortunately, South Australia Police condemned the decision, saying it harmed their reputation and credibility. They also ended their partnership with Crime Stoppers SA. We commend them for doing so.

According to the Adelaide Advertiser, Crime Stoppers SA board chair, Sharon Hanlon AM - who also sat on the international board as one or two Australian nominees - has resigned in protest, ending a 12 year relationship with Crime Stoppers.

We have since been advised by a source close to Crime Stoppers that Crime Stoppers Australia has ended its relationship with Crime Stoppers International. It seems Crime Stoppers International preferred to lose a significant global partner than Pornhub's money.

After calling on other police branches to distance themselves from the partnership, we have been advised today (Wednesday) that other state police branches are aware of SAPOL's concerns and are monitoring the situation.

We would like to know how much the Ethical Capital Partners/Crime Stoppers deal was worth. How could a global organisation (and charity) established to fight crime through anonymous tip offs, sully its good name and essentially benefit from the proceeds of crime?

We are asking Crime Stoppers International CEO Shane Britten for answers. We look forward to hearing from you Mr Britten.

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