Why was criminal enterprise P*rnhub consulted on kids safety online?

eSafety has come under fire from advocates and survivors after it published its Roadmap for Age Verification on Thursday which reveals it met with Pornhub's parent company MindGeek to discuss age verification.MindGeek_Stakeholder.jpeg

Why was a criminal enterprise allowed to provide advice to eSafety Office on keeping kids safe online, ‘healthy sexual relationships’ and ‘consent’?


Mindgeek is the parent company of global porn dispenser Pornhub. It has been exposed for monetising sexual crime - enabling, distributing and profiting from child abuse, rape, sex trafficking and image-based abuse.

After being called before the Canadian Parliaments ethics committee, Pornhub removed 10m videos, credit card companies and other businesses cut ties, a number of execs resigned, social media platforms shut down its accounts and 194 victims sued Pornhub/Mindgeek in 8 individual and class actions.

And after all that, Australia’s Federal eSafety agency gives them a seat at the table? Did eSafety consider Pornhub's criminal history as hosts & profiteers of the sexual abuse of women and children when it invited Mindgeek to provide opinions on online safety?




"Not only has our government put the profits of the porn industry ahead of the rights of children, we have now found out more as to why and who influenced them.
Sadly no surprises. Honestly, it is cause for utter despair that most of our media and politicians don't seem to care that criminal child exploiting corporations were given a seat at the table and consulted on how to protect children from pornography. The harmful content they make and willfully expose children to. The very companies who have profited from 'verified' videos of men sexually assaulting children. Watched millions of times. Let alone the non-consensual uploads and sexual assaults of adults (mostly women) on their websites." - Daniel Principe, Collective Shout Youth Advocate.

Read our Media Release here.

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