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Your gift helps us equip and empower more young men and boys to resist porn culture

The pornography industry is now the biggest educator of our young people. But together we can change that, by helping more young men and boys navigate an over-sexualised world, reject sexual pressure, enforce personal boundaries and aspire to relationships based on mutual respect and empathy. Thank you for your generous support of Collective Shout today, and for helping us work towards a world free of sexploitation.

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Who's donating: Josie from Sunshine Coast, Australia recently donated - Thank you!

Gov supports porn protections for kids

After mounting pressure to respond to the Age Verification Inquiry report, the Federal Government announced support for an age verification system to help protect children from exposure to online pornography.

Objectifying funeral ad gone

Within a half hour of receiving complaints, funeral company Anticipate Life pulled its objectifying ad which used a woman's backside and a reference to 'Fat Bottomed Girls' to sell funeral plans.

New protections for kids on Instagram

In response to our joint, global #WakeUpInstagram campaign, Instagram has added new tools to help protect children from predators.