Hooters ‘up for sale’ as Aussie owner backs away

Collective Shout have previously spoken out against Hooters restaurant chain which is known for its sexual objectification of women and girls. 

Now according to The Daily Telegraph Hooters Australia has been placed into voluntary administration. 

It said it would be “business as usual” with the restaurants continuing to trade during the administration period, which is expected to take up to two months.

In 2015, researchers from the University of Tennessee said a survey of waitresses working at breastaurants, including Hooters, showed there was a “psychological toll” associated with the “sexual objectification” of the job.

“Our research suggests that although ‘breastaurants’ may be good for waitresses’ hip pockets, they don’t appear to be good for their psychological and work-related health,” the researchers wrote. “Many end up dissatisfied with their jobs.”

From the Hooters Employee Handbook:

Female employees are required to sign that they “acknowledge and affirm” the following:

My job duties require I wear the designated Hooters Girl uniform.

My job duties require that I interact with and entertain the customers.

The Hooters concept is based on female sex appeal and the work environment is one in which joking and entertaining conversations are commonplace.

I do not find my job duties, uniform requirements, or work environment to be offensive, intimidating, hostile, or unwelcome.

We will continue to boycott all venues that use sexualisation and objectification as a means to sell their products and services. 

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