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Raise your voice in the fight against sexploitation

As you already know, sexual objectification is harmful. The media and advertising industries play a significant role in promoting the objectification of women and girls. The harms include higher levels of body dissatisfaction, greater support of sexist beliefs and greater tolerance of sexual violence towards women. 

Today you can take a powerful step toward protecting more women and girls from objectification, we can achieve change.

Collective Shout has accomplished countless wins in recent years and we have set a bold three-year agenda including the establishment of an independent body to regulate and uphold higher advertising standards in Australia.

We cannot do it without your support. Your gift will be doubled by a $20,000 Matching Grant as together we call for a higher level of standards and accountability in advertising.

Thank you for giving generously below, and for helping to tackle the problem of sexist advertising at its core.


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