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Here at Collective Shout we have a range of speakers available to do a presentation or workshop at your next event. Whether the presentation is for a conference, school or community group we can tailor our talk and workshops to suit your audience.


Topics include

  • Collective Shout History, Campaigns and Victories
  • Harms of Pornography
  • Body Image
  • Objectification of women in media and advertising
  • Sexualisation of children

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Feedback from some recent presentations:

After hearing you speak today I said to a friend that my previous response to inappropriate items and advertising was to shake my head and ignore it but you challenged that today. Next time I will do something... Tweet, Facebook, write a letter, I don't know but something. You really inspired and maybe empowered me today. So thank you. I'm glad to have come across your organization. Kellie - Melbourne

The session by Collective Shout was extremely relevant and engaging. Felicity presented on both the underlying causes for, and symptoms of, the objectification of women in the media. She encouraged the girls to be critical thinkers and empowered them to use their voices in both their personal and community spheres. I am looking forward to having Collective Shout come and speak to our boys. (Jill Konig – Flinders Christian Community College).

The presentation was an eye opening realisation. It gave us an insight on what happens in the media. It shows that we should stand up for ourselves and not let the media and men portray girls as an object to be looked at. It made us feel powerful, that we could help out at such a young age. We shouldn’t be labelled and put in a commercial to draw men to the product. It gave us insight on how we should be treated. (Year 8 girl, Flinders CCC).

Objectification is abuse of women and it’s not okay. I’ve been made more aware of my surroundings and am able to point out what is right and wrong. I learnt how to deal with these types of situations and also how to treat others and be treated with respect. (Year 8 girl, Flinders CCC).

Collective Shout helped me gain a better understanding of unrealistic expectations set by media and to view myself with respect and dignity. Rather than be insecure about the way I look, I was taught that what was supposed to be an ideal, beautiful body, wasn’t even real. I was also encouraged to stand up for myself and other girls/women that are mistreated and/or used for marketing purposes. I think that what the organisation is doing is great! Thank you! (Year 8 girl, Flinders CCC).



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