Collective Shout signs global letter calling for MindGeek/Pornhub criminal investigation

The letter reads as follows

To the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics Re. Protection of Privacy and Reputation on Platforms such as Pornhub

February 22, 2021

We applaud the Canadian Government for working to hold MindGeek accountable for facilitating and profiting from sexual abuse and exploitation. MindGeek, which owns Pornhub and at least 160 other hardcore pornography websites, has received criticism for facilitating and profiting from criminal acts including sex trafficking, filmed sexual abuse of children, and non- consensually recorded and distributed pornography.2 By investigating these criminal acts, the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics has set an example of a commitment to the protection of the rights of some of the most vulnerable members of society, particularly children who are victims of or at risk of sexual abuse.

As experts, survivors, and advocates combating sexual violence and exploitation, we found the February 5, 2021, testimonies of MindGeek executives Feras Antoon, David Tassillo and Corey Urman to the Committee notably egregious in their failure to take responsibility for the destruction of countless victims’ lives over the past decade.

Antoon, Tassillo and Urman appeared to be obfuscating their current and historical business practices in the obtaining, distributing and advertising of child sexual abuse images, rape, trafficking6 and non-consensually recorded and/or distributed pornography. MindGeek executives appeared to mislead the Committee and the public regarding MindGeek’s role in enabling and profiting from a range of criminal content that was uploaded and distributed through their platform.

View letter complete with references here.


Based on the evidence, including testimony of victims and the potentially criminally implicating testimony of MindGeek executives on February 5, it appears that MindGeek has violated Canada’s child protection laws, particularly child pornography distribution and reporting laws as written in the Criminal Code of Canada. For example, MindGeek executives stated in the hearing that their company reviews each video before it is publicly posted, thus implying that they knowingly and willfully distributed child sexual abuse materials. It also appears that MindGeek has violated Canada’s laws on publication of intimate images without consent. MindGeek must be held accountable. The Canadian Government must urge law enforcement agencies to investigate MindGeek. Anything less than full legal accountability is an injustice to victims whose lives have been damaged as a result of MindGeek’s knowing and willful actions.

Moreover, in actions that may be consumer fraud, MindGeek has admitted to enabling some Canadian citizens to violate the Criminal Code of Canada by encouraging the download and possession of images of child sexual abuse (i.e., child pornography).

By its failure to implement age verification during pornography content upload and pornography consumption, MindGeek has facilitated harms against large numbers of children, both in front of the screen—through exposing children to pornography—and behind the screen—through facilitating images and films of child sexual abuse.

Based on MindGeek’s testimony and its longstanding business practices, it is clear to us that MindGeek cannot be trusted to self-regulate.

A central role of government in a just society is to protect its most vulnerable. In this spirit, we call on the Canadian Government to encourage the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to conduct a full criminal investigation into MindGeek, and to hold its leadership accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

We call on governments, NGOs and concerned citizens across the world to encourage and support the Canadian government to take immediate legislative and regulatory action to protect children from this predatory and unethical corporation.

Signed, 104 survivors, 525 NGO’s from 65 countries


Casandra Diamond
Executive Director, Survivor of Sexual Exploitation, BridgeNorth Women's Mentorship & Advocacy Services

Kelly Tallon Franklin
CED Survivor, Courage for Freedom

Trisha Baptie
Engagement Coordinator, Survivor of Sexual Exploitation, EVE - formerly Exploited Voices now Educating

Nikita Ferreira
Founder, Survivor Leader, FREE - Finding Resources and Education for Everyone

Valerie Pelletier
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation, Legal Tender

Sabrina Denison
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation, Okaadenige

Francesca Davila
Mother of Survivor of Sexual Exploitation, Parents Hope Group

Fiorella Kuczma
Interim Director, Survivor of Sexual Exploitation, Restorations Second Stage Homes

Caroline Pugh-Roberts
Survivor Leader, Salvation Army

Bridget Perrier
Survivor Leader, Sextrade101

Shona Stewart
Survivor Leader, StCF Services

Cheyenne Jones
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Ilona Kohlmann
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Robin Zilberg
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Traci Johnston
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Amy Wing
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Honore Cyubabiro
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Jasmine Robertson
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Kristian Shortridge
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation
Lori Anne Thompson
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Maureen Kehler
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Michelle Abel
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Karen Barker
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Rachel Breukelman
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Sharon Lipkewich
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Joy Jolie
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Jessica Peacock
Manager, 360 Kids Support Services

Jennifer Potter
Founder, 4:one Oakville

Fay Blaney
Indigenous Woman, Aboriginal Women's Action Network

Evelyn Vollet
Project Manager, Anti-Human Trafficking Committee, Roman Cathoic Archdiocese Vancouver

Adele Thorne
Educator, Arcane Natural Therapies/Counselling Services

Deb Stanbury
Executive Director, ARISE Ministry

Rafaela Diaz
Founder, Arrêter Exploitationhub

Monique Sirois Kelly
Directrice des Résolutions, Association des Femmes Diplomées des Universités – Montérégie

Devon MacDonald
Indigenous Family Well Being Worker, Atira Womens Resource Society

Elyssa Rose
Anti Human Trafficking Coordinator, Atlohsa Family Healing Services

Denise March
Founder, Beacon Bags

Victor Joseph Malbarosa
Student Ministries Director, Bramalea Christian Fellowship Church

Kelly Schuler
Executive Director, BRAVE Education for Trafficking Prevention

Rose Sullivan
Survivante et militante, CAFES - Collectif d'aide aux femmes exploitées sexuellement

Brandi Weston
Project Manager, Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre

Farida Mohamed
President, Canadian Council of Muslim Women Montreal

Janet Watson
President, Canadian Federation of University Women, Sherbrooke & District

Bev Wong
Member, Canadian Federation of University Women, Vancouver

Carole Anne Soong
Member, Canadian University Women's Club V ancouver

Catherine Richardson
Therapist, Catherine Richardson Counselling & Consulting

Chantal Messier
Child Care Worker, Centre de Service Scolaire de Montréal

Joan Boyd
Psychotherapist, Centre For Abuse and Trauma Therapy

Allan Wade
Researcher, Family Therapist, Centre for Response-Based Practice

Monica Piros
Trauma Therapist, Collaborative Possibilities

Diane Matte
Coordonnatrice, Concertation des luttes contre l'exploitation sexuelle

Louise Weber
Film Maker, Confronting Porn Inc.

Chantal Morin
Militante, Conseil Central du Montréal Métropolitain

Glendyne Gerrard
Director, Defend Dignity

Rochelle Johnson
Clinical Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Durham Rape Crisis Centre

Nicole Hodgson
HT Survivor Home Program Director, Elora House

Kylee Nixon
Founder, EWAASI: Edmonton Women and Allies Against the Sex Industry

Gladys Mok
Ministry Director, Fight4Freedom

Hennes Doltze
Development and Strategy Officer, Forward House

Bruce Ellergodt
Chairperson, Freedom Catalyst Alliance

Jane Gattinger
Team Member, Freedom Catalyst Regina

Beth McLean Wiest
Executive Director, Harmony through Harmony

Pierre Beauregard
Senior Facilitator, High Noon

Philip Calvert
National Director of Development, International Justice Mission Canada

Charlene Doak-Gebauer
Founder, Chair, Internet Sense First

M.J. Ferrari
Director, J. M. J. Children's Fund of Canada, Inc.

Cathy Harness
Owner, Director, JoySpring Midwifery

Emma Windsor-Liscombe
Founder, JUST Project

Jennie-Laure Sully
Community Organizer, La CLES

Lyne Collette
Coordonnatrice clinique, La Sortie

Ann Maje
Manager, Liard Aboriginal Womens Society

Megan Walker
Executive Director, London Abused Women Centre

Ursula Witkowska
Advocate, Loretto Sisters

Rose Dufour
Anthropologue, Maison de Marthe, Québec

John Cassells
Project Director, Men Against Trafficking

Penny Rankin
President, Montreal Council of Women

Patricia Leson
President, National Council of Women of Canada

Becky Bradbury
Director of Initiatives, Next Step Ministries

Paul Brandt
Founder, Not In My City

Cheryl Perera
Founder, President, OneChild

Marilyn Evans
Director, Parents Aware

Jeanne Sarson Linda MacDonald
Co-Founders, Persons Against Non-State Torture

Rosa Evelyn Calugay
Finance Chair, PINAY Quebec

Kerri Isham
Certified Sexual Health Educator, Power Up Education

Paul Clarke
Executive Director, Programme Action Réfugiés Montréal

Kathy Le
General Manager, Project SEVFIN

Lily Moric
Managing Director, Questioning Pornography

Joanna Yee
Director, Rahab Ministry (YU)

Michael Roy
Volunteer Social Media Coordinator, RCAV Overcoming Porn Initiative, Vancouver Anti- Porn Society

Naomi Holland
Advocate, Redeemed With Purpose

Liz Gibson
Program Manager, Reset Society of Calgary

Elizabeth Gibson
Program Manager, Reset Society of Calgary

Mandy Thayil
Interim Board Chair, Resist Exploitation Embrace Dignity

Katarina MacLeod
Executive Director, Rising Angels Awareness and Restorative Care

Michele Hines
Counsellor, Salvation Army Correctional and Justice Services

Eden Tek
Crisis Counsellor, Sandgate Women's Shelter

Laura Ross
Advocate, SEEDS - Supporting Every Eve Daughter Safely

Cecilia Hudec
Sister, Sisters of Charity – Halifax

Edna Ouellette
Member, South Shore University Womens` Club

Julia Beazley
Director, Public Policy, The Centre for Faith and Public Life

Louise Froese
Coordinator, The Journey

Floyd Tidd
Territorial Commander, The Salvation Army Canada

Bonnie Porter
Coordinator, The Violence Prevention Coordinating Council of Durham

Paul Lavergne
Registered Psychotherapist, Turning Point Counselling

Debbie Pond
Chair, U-R Home Awareness & Support Services

Robert Duffy
Secretary-General, Universal Peace Federation Canada

Cynthia Hoang
Founder, Managing Director, Vancouver Anti- Porn Society

Lynne Kent
Chair, Vancouver Collective Against Sexual Exploitation

Krista MacNeil
Clinical Director, Victim Services of Durham Region

Pascale Colucci
Spokesperson, Walk For Freedom Windsor- Essex County

Kevin Dixon
CEO, Wellspring Foundation for Education

Lilly Tadin
President, Women's Federation for World Peace Canada

Allison McDonald
Women’s Space Vancouver

Tamarack Verrall
Ambassador, World Pulse

Gordon McCauley

Greg Stewart

Taramattie Setaram
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Diane Redsky
Executive Director, Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre Inc.

K. Brian McConaghy
Founding Director, Ratanak International

Kim Zander
Chair, Women's Space Vancouver


Imelda Poole Leader,

Religious in Europe Networking Against Trafficking and Exploitation (RENATE)


Susana Chiarotti
Director, Insgenar

Susana Chiarotti
Director, Instituto de Género Derecho y Desarrollo

Marta Nunez
Activist, Madres Víctimas de Trata (Mothers Victims of Sex Trafficking)

Maria Jose Binetti, PhD
Women's Human Rights Campaign – Argentina


Genevieve Gilbert
Survivor Leader, Pink Cross Foundation Australia

Leah Cheary
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Caroline Nuthall
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Peter Abetz
Secretary, Adopt Nordic WA Inc

Wendy Francis
Director, Australian Christian Lobby

Ruth Larwill
CEO, Founder, Bloom Asia

Lara Kirk
Mananger, Relationships Programs, Catholic Archdiocese of Canberrea Goulburn

Letitia Shelton
CEO, City Women

Tegan Larin
Public Officer, Coalition Against Trafficking in Women Australia

Melinda Tankard Reist
Movement Director, Collective Shout: For a World Free of Sexploitation

Tara Lees
Operations Manager, Desert Blue Connect

Fiona Berkin
CEO, Destiny Rescue

Kayelene Kerr
Child Safety Advocate, eSafeKids

Caitlin Roper
Co-Founder, Feminist Academy of Technology and Ethics

Anna Kerr
Principal Solicitor, Feminist Legal Clinic Inc.

Sondy Ward
CEO, God's Dreaming Org

Bridget Brenton
Consultant, Heartspace

Margaret Buttriss
Managing Director, HUSHeducation

Jasmine Rawlinson
Global Mental Health Speaker, Jas Rawlinson

Jennifer Mason
Relationships and Sexuality Educator, Lifework In Progress

Jenny Hoey
Parent Awareness Advocate, NOT MY KID

Jodi Ferguson
Director, PB West

Paul Ninnes
Managing Director, Real Talk International Ltd

Holly-Ann Martin
Managing Director, Safe4Kids

Caroline Ellen
Founder, Safer Stronger Kids

Cath Hakanson
Founder, Sex Ed Rescue

Susan Hawthorne Hawthorne
Director, Publisher, Spinifex Press

Andrea Eadie
School Chaplain, SU QLD, Patricks Road State School

Vanessa Hamilton
Sexuality Educator, Talking The Talk Sex and Health Education

Tim Mapperson
Counsellor, The Navigators

Claudette & Maarten Pansier
Clinical Psychologists, Victorious Minds

Liz Walker
Managing Director, Youth Wellbeing Project

Peter Hoey


Sabine Kallauch
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation, KAVOD

Rudolf Gehring
Doctor, Christliche Partei Österreichs

Julia Obergfell
CEO, Herzwerk

Andreas Kallauch

Jedida Sutter
Founder, Lightup Austria

Kristina Malina-Altzinger
President, Plattform Christdemokratie

Philip Poeschl
CEO, Safersurfing

Oliver Fichtberger
General Secretary, Seventh-Day Adventist Church


Anna Zobnina
Coordinator, European Network of Migrant Women

Vincenzo Bassi
President, Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe


Maria Mancebo

Compromiso con la causa, Hermanas Oblatas del Santísimo Redentor


Nina Naidenova
Survivor Leader, Daughters of Bulgaria

Veneta Merk
Secretary, Faith and Future

Grant Small
Chairman, See Free Foundation


Willy Nkurunziza
Vice Président de l'association, Association Pour la promotion de la santé humaine (A.P.S.H-BURUNDI)


Gladys Mbuya
President, FIDA Cameroon


Stella Conto
Abogada, Activista abogada docente independiente

Victoria Tenjo
Leader, Adoratrices Colombia

Edelmira Bueno
Ong, Centro Madre Antonia OSR

Alejandra Vera
Abogada, Corporación - Mujer, denuncia y muévete

Maria Caicedo
Fundacion Arroz con Leche

Susan Andrea Avella Rico
Superviviente, Fundación Dignidad Abolicionista

Adriana Angarita
Defensora Derechos Mujer, Fundación El Buen Pastor

Fabio Cuellar
Abogado, Fundacion Renacer

Paul Overmoyer
Executive Director, Inca link Colombia

Liliana Forero Montoya
Coordination Team, Iniciativa ProEquidad

Josefina Gomez
Instructora, Las Hermanas Oblatas del Santísimo Redentor

Maribel Fonseca Salazar
Psicologa, Las Hermanas Oblatas del Santísimo Redentor

Maria stella Rodríguez
Professor, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

Fernando Díaz del Castillo
Survivor Defender, Radio María

Ilse Villamar Cedeño
Acompanante, Red Tamar Colombia

Mabel Martinez
Coordinadora Mujeres Victimas, Religiosas Adoratrices

Melby Yohana Suárez

Isabel Rodríguez Piñeres


Michelle McQueary
Missionary to sexually exploited, Face of Justice

Daniel Taube
Executive Director, Inca link Costa Rica


Dorthe Mørch Mikkelsen
Socialrådgiver, Adam og Eva

Dorthe Sandvad
Socialwoeker and coach, Dorthe Sandvad

Grethe Nikolajsen
Field Worker, Familiebehandler Grethe Nikolajsen

Gitte Rasmussen
Leader, Indre Missions Familiearbejde

Nanna Dideriksen
Youth leader, Indre Missions Ungdom

Helle Jarlmose
Secretary General, KFUKs Sociale Arbejde (YWCA Social Work)

Heidi Als Ringheim
Co-Founder, Chair, Mediesundhed for Born & Unge (Mediahealth for children and youth)

Flemming Heininge Pedersen
Head of Office, Tracks – The National Association for Adults with Chronic Affects from Sexual Assault


Nieves de la Cruz Religiosa
Directora, Red de Religiosas Contra la Trata de Personas


Pedro Contag
Executive Director, Inca Link Ecuador


Tesfaye Melaku Aberra
Executive Director, Light Ethiopia


Marie Vilar
Campaign Officer, CAP Intl

Alix Lejard
EU Delegate, Femina Europa

Yves Scelles
President, La Fondation Jean-et-Jeanne-Scelles

Joseph Pesme
Militant, We Are Lovers


Erna Gfrerer Survivor of Sexual Exploitation,

Lara Andreas Pock
President, CARP e.V.

Amy Jo Mann, MSW

Amy Knöttner
Founder, Executive Director, Echo International

Leanne Rhodes
Executive Director, European Freedom Network

Olaf Dageförde
Family Federation for Wold Peace and Unification

Sigrid Werner
Landessprecherin, Feministische Partei DIE FRAUEN

Birgit Kelle
President, Frau 2000plus e.V.

Jeremy Hammond
CEO, free!ndeed

Clare Kalinka
Board Member, Kainos e. V.

Carina Angelina
Chairwoman, Lightup Germany

Ursula Horn
Überlebende, Netzwerk gegen Feminizide

Katherine Welch
Founder, Director, Relentless

Tabea und Eberhard Freitag
Dipl. Psychol, Dipl. Päd., Leader, return Fachstelle Mediensucht, Hannover

Solveig Senft
Networking Manager, SISTERS e.V.

Maria Decker
Chairwoman, SOLWODI

Annett Arnold
Social Worker, TeenSTAR Germany

Elly Arrow
Activist, The Invisible Men – Germany

Christine Linz
Psychotherapist, Violetta e.V.


Mike Owusu Gyimah
Executive Director, Light for Children Ghana

Ndonwie Peter
Director, Pan African Organisation for Research and Protection of Violence on Women and Children

Fati Seidu Tambro
Executive Director, Sung Foundation


Allison Fowler
Caregiver, Community House Damaris/ Threads of Hope Hellas

Dimitrios Kontopoulos
General Director, Nea Zoi Association for the Support and Restoration of Individuals in Prostitution

Carmen Bandeo
Member, Vivat International


Ligia Briz

Executive Director, Asociación La Familia Importa AFI

Acilegna Segovia
Maestra, Hermanas Oblatas del Santísimo Redentor


Daniel Ascencio
Executive Director, Inca Link Honduras


E. Frivaldszky
Director, Human Dignity Center

Gabriella Légrádi
NGO, SOLWODI Hungary Egyesület


Anna Hermannsen
Therapist, Stígamót – Education and Counseling Center for Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Violence


Tinku Khanna

Director, Apne Aap Women Worldwide India Trust

Upneet Lalli

Deputy Director, Institute of Correctional Administration

Sudha Upadhyayula

Head of HR and Operations, My Choices Foundation

Rohit Bhalla
Convenor, PUSH


Rachel Moran

Executive Director, Survivor Leader, SPACE International

Liam Ó hAlmhain
Chairman, Family Solidarity

Sarah Benson
CEO, Women's Aid Ireland


Esohe Aghatise, PhD
Executive Director, Associazione Iroko Onlus

Elen Pasquali

Natasha Noreen
Admin Director, Feminism Pakistan

Chiara Carpita
President, Resistenza Femminista

Liliam Altuntas
Survivor Leader, Resistenza Femminista


Shannon Haldane-Jones
Vice President, Love March Movement


Seiya Morita
Lecturer, Anti Pornography and Prostitution Research Group

Reika Yoshihara

Kazuna Kanajiri
Chief Director, PAPS (Organization for pornography and sexual exploitation survivors)

Puja KIM



Eunice Maingi

Child Online Protection Advocate, @iLabAfrica - Strathmore University

Ann Kioko
Campaigns Director for Africa, CitizenGO

Aketch Aimba
Director, Pearls and Treasures Trust

Jean Kagia
Doctor, Protecting Life Movement Trust


Iluta Lāce
Director, MARTA Centre
LEBANON Ghada Jabbour
Co-Founder, Kafa


Ghada Jabbour

Co-founder Kafa


Program Manager, African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN) Liberia

Foday M. Kawah
Executive Director, Defence for Children International-Liberia

Eleanor Womba
Lobby and Advocacy Officer, Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE)

Abdul Bangura
Executive Director, United Funding and Development for Underage Mothers (UFDUM)


Kristina Misiniene
Expert on Child Abuse, Center Against Human Trafficking and Exploitation in Lithuania

Dalia Puidokiene
Director, Klaipeda Social and Psychological Support Center


Tatiana Lopes
Survivante, Femmes en de tresse

Carol Gobey
Author, Director, Is This Love

Anja Slabbekoorn
President, Spring2Freedom

Marta Ventura Correia
CEO, The Insight Project Asbl


Taalumba Masambo
Project Manager, Love Justice International (Malawi)

Caleb Ng'ombo
Executive Director, People Serving Girls At Risk


Mario Sciberras

Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Charles Attard
Director, Cana Movement


Teresa Ulloa
Director, Coalition Against Trafficking in Women – Latin America and the Caribbean(CATW-LAC)

Benny Yu
Founder, El Pozo de Vida

Luz García
Organización Iniciativa

Elsa Simón Ortega
Directora General, Por la Superación de la Mujer

Gloria Murúa
Equipo de Coordinación, Red Rahamim

Geny Cáceres
Lider de ONG, Semillitas de Mostaza

Jose Carrillo


Ibtissame Betty Lchgar
Spokeswoman, Alternative Movement of Individual Liberties (Morocco)


Leontien Bakermans
One of Us Netherlands


Ally-Marie Diamond
Survivor Leader, Wahine Toa Rising

Bob McCoskrie
National Director, Family First New Zealand

Debbi Tohill
Executive Director, Rape Prevention Education Whakatu Mauri Trust

Sammi Huxley-Newton
Social worker, Women's Refuge

Bronnie Lyell


Lucrecia Rivas
#niunamas, #niunamas


Dr. Bolarinwa Michael Omotosho
President, Anchor International Care and Humanitarian Initiative

Roseline Osagie
Chairperson, IROKO Charity

Chinelo Ujubuoñu

Ifeyinwa Egesimba
Stakeholder, Sascon International School

Bernice Ede Ede
Leader, The Pukiche Girl Child Foundation


Ragnhild Lindahl Torstensen
CEO, Lightup Norway

Josef Moberg
Youth Pastor, Oppdal Kristne Senter

Ane Stoe
Leader, The Feminist Group Ottar

Agnete Carlsen
International Coordinating Group, Women's Front of Norway


Andres Castro
Executive Director, Inca link Peru


Myles Paredes
Survivor Leader, Bagong Kamalayan Prostitution Survivors Collective

Kath Napoles
Survivor Leader, Empowered Women Survivors Collective

Eleony Monding
Survivor Leader, Tingog sa Kasanag (TISAKA)

Celia Flor
Executive Director, Active Women Networking Foundation

Jean Enriquez
Executive Director, Coalition Against Trafficking in Women - Asia Pacific (CATW- AP)

AnaR. Maria Nemenzo
National Coordinator, WomanHealth Philippines

Janica Rosales
Co-Convenor, World March of Women (WMW) – Pilipinas


Alexandra Silva
Projects Coordinator, Portuguese Platform for Women's Rights


Stefanny Cepeda
Research Assistant


Leanne Rhodes
CEO, Abolishion

Monica Boseff
Executive Director, Open Door Foundation


Anselme Urayeneza
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation, Labour party


Sheku Bangura Bangura
CEO, Director, Advocacy Network Against Irregular Migration

Abdul Karim Habib
Executive Director, Network Movement for Democracy and Human Rights (NMDHR -SL)


Anton Chromík

President, Aliancia za Rodinu

Tomas Kovacik

President, Association for Life and Family


Michelle Joseph
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation, Culture of Life Johannesburg

Kirsty Marot
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation, Project Exodus

Leandra Hillstrom
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation, Project Exodus

Nomonde Mihlali Meji
Survivor Leader, Survivor Empowerment & Support Programme (SESP)

Grizelda Grootboom
Survivor Leader, Survivor Exit Foundation

Annette Fourie
Content Director, Survivor of Sexual Exploitation, The Oaks Collective

Elaine Thornton Smith
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Cheray Varikas
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Genevieve Rheeder
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Maryna Heese
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Hilary Leong
Co-Founder/Chairperson, Awareness for Child Trafficking Africa (ACT Africa)

Brendan Botha
Director, Break Free Pornography Addiction Consultants

Ryan Smit
Programme Director, Centre Against Sexual Exploitation, South Africa

Michael Jelbert
Dr. MBChB(Birm) FRCS(Edin), CMA Christian Medical Association

Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge
Executive Director, Embrace Dignity

Maarten Meyer
Director, Ezrah Community Training and Development

Errol Naidoo
Executive Director, Family Policy Institute

Marcel Van der Watt
Research Fellow, Free State Centre for Human Rights

Salome Geiger
Activist, Hope Risen Foundation / Free To Fly

Cobus Oosthuizen
Doctor, LifeXchange

Chantelle Blokdyk
Activist, Original Design Education

Kerry Janse van Rensburg
Management, Project Exodus

Carin Nel
CEO, Stop Trafficking of People South Africa

MarieAnne te Brake
T.A.P Talk About Porn

Clive Human
Porn Addiction Counselor

Antoinette Basson
Research Psychologist, Youth Research Unit, University of South Africa


Belén Domínguez
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Tere Cardenes
Trabajadoras Sociales, Casal Petit

Ignacio Arsuaga
President, CitizenGO Foundation

Lidia F. Montes
President, Fórum de Política Feminista

Beatriz Sagrado Roberto
Coordinación, Frente Abolición Prostitución

Teresa Nevado
General Secretary, Lobby Europeo de Mujeres en España

Aurea Lopez
Volunteer, Medicos del Mundo

Pilar Fernández
Licenciadoa en Ciencias de la educac, Oblatas
Fayna Saavedra Domínguez

Beatriz García de laTorre
Coordinator, Serra-Schönthal Foundation

Sonia Vaccaro
Psicóloga Clínica y Forense, SV & Asociates


Monica Mazzitelli
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Ingvar Rönnbäck
Founder, Chair of the Board, Another Development Foundation

Maria Ahlin
CEO, Changing Attitudes

Ida Östensson
Director of Communication, Child10

Zandra Kanakaris
Secretary General, Foundation 1000 Opportunities

Nina Rung
CEO, Child Rights Expert, Huskurage

Micaëka Gripenberg
Project Manager, Men For Gender Equality (MÄN)

Elena Timofeeva
Founder, National Centre against Human Exploitation and Violence (NCEV)

Elsa Lantz

CEO, Porn Free Childhood (Porrfri Barndom, Swedish)

Wiveca Holst

Activist, Qjouren

Johanna Lindhult

Pastor, Starta Om, Salvation Army Sweden

Clara Berglund

Secretary General, Swedish Women's Lobby

Anna Sander

Founder, Talita

Olga Persson

President, Unizon

Ulrica Stigberg

Author, Priest, Visuell drog – om barn, unga och nätporr


Andrea Bernath

anora Winterthur

Claudine Tanner

Bloved Lucerne Switzerland, ASSOZIATION BLOVED LUZERN

Martin Michalicek

General Secretary, Council of European Bishops' Conferences, CCEE

Regula Lehmann

Leader, Elternnitiative Sexualerziehung

Barbara Laubscher

Leader, Safersurfing


Justa Mwaituka

Executive Director, Kiota Women Health and Development Organisation-KIWOHEDE


Founder, For Freedom International


Pauline Phelps

Coordinator, BOMA-TT


Nicole Kiesha

Lawyer, Family Life Network

Harris Namutebi

Executive Director, Network for Community Development

Alex Wesigye

Family Sphere Coordinator, WC MPM Family Sphere

Alex Wesigye

Family Sphere Coordinator, WC MPM Family Sphere


Natalia Usachova

Activist, Columnist, Publisher, Women's Human Rights Campaign – Ukraine


Rebecca Mott
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation, Nordic Model Now

Julie McNamara
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Dr Elizabeth Dalgarno
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Helen Thompson
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Julie Swede
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Erin Holdsworth
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Kathleen Richardson
Professor of Ethics and Culture of Robots & AI, Campaign Against Sex Robots

Vanessa Morse
CEO, Centre to End All Sexual Exploitation (CEASE)

Vicky Lam
Team Member, Dignify

Lisa-Marie Taylor

Glenn Miles
Principal, Freedom Resource International

Anna Fisher
Chair, Nordic Model Now!

Sasha Rakoff
CEO, Not Buying It

Ruth Greenberg
Activist, RadFem Collective

Joy Andrew
Development Manager, Restore Glasgow

Darryl Mead
CEO, The Reward Foundation

Neil Fairbrother
Journalist, The SafeToNet Foundation

Rebecca Panting
Project Manager & Chair of Trustees, The Saffires Project

John Carr
Secretary, UK Children's Charities' Coalition on Internet Safety

Chris Green
President, White Ribbon UK

Lynda Dearlove
CEO, Women at the Well

Elly Hanson
Doctor, Clinical Psychologist


Joyclyn Bell

Survivor of Sexual Exploitation, Call to Safety

Darlene Pawlik

Founder, Survivor of Sexual Exploitation, Darling Princess

Rachel Thomas

Survivor Leader and Educator, Ending The Game

Nancy Yarbrough

Executive Director, Survior Leader, Fresh Start Learning Inc

Angela Graves
Dual Advocate (DV/SA), Survivor of Sexual Exploitation, Illinois Valley Safe House Alliance

Suzanne Isaza
Incest Prevention Advocate, Survivor of Sexual Exploitation, Incest AWARE

Jennisue Jessen
Survivor Leader, Member, US Advisory Council on Human Trafficking

María Arboleda
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation, Red Petra Mujeres Valientes

Carissa Phelps
CEO, Survivor Leader, Runaway Girl, FPC

Sarai Mazariegos
Executive Director, Survivor Leader, S.H.A.D.E Movement

Teresa Tally
Survivor Leader, Servitium Project

Elesondra DeRomano
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation, Consultant, STARS - Standing Together Against Real Slavery

Mickey Meji
Survivor Leader, Survivor Empowerment & Support Peogramme (SESP)

Jessica Kim
Survivor Leader, Survivor Leader Network San Diego

Jamie Rosseland
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation, The Avery Center

Alice Hart
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation, The Avery Center

Stephanie Anderson
Survivor Leader, Traffick Refuge

Christina Rangel
Survivor Leader, United Justice

Survivor Sisters Epstein/Maxwell Survivor Sisters

Survivors of Sexual Exploitation, Victims Refuse Silence

Rosemary Logan
Attorney, Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Tyesa Harvey
Case Manager, Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Caroline Molieri
Mother of a Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Nacole Svendgard
Parent of Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Anna Ptak
Policy Consultant, Survivor Consultant

Elizabeth Ludvik
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Joyclyn Bell
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation, Call to Safety

Darlene Pawlik
Founder, Survivor of Sexual Exploitation, Darling Princess

Rachel Thomas
Survivor Leader and Educator, Ending The Game

Nancy Yarbrough
Executive Director, Survior Leader, Fresh Start Learning Inc

Margaret Lehmann
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

April Hiltpold
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Catherine Raphael
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Claudia Gonzalez
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Jamie Scott
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Keelin Washington
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Lauren Venn
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Charlotte McIlnay
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Rebecca Amato
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Sariah Paullus
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Jeanette Westbrook, MSSW
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Wendi Westmoreland
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Jewell Baraka
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Jocelyn Engelbert
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Briauna Lietzau
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Wendy Childs
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation, Child Advocate

Susan Dragone
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Erica Raggett
Founder, Executive Director, A 2nd Cup

Mercy Ward
Communications and Program Assistant, A Way Out Ministries

Lisa Varga
CEO, Agape International Missions

Pat McCay
Chair, Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force

Terry Schilling
President, American Principles Project

Michelle Luhrmann
President, Amilia's Light, Incorporated

Christine Vollmer
President, Asociacion Provida de Venezuela

Jane Adolphe
Professor of Law, Ave Maria School Of Law

Melissa Holland
Founder, Executive Director, Awaken Reno

Laurie Hall
Author An Affair of the Mind, Awakened Heart Betrayal Trauma Recovery

Felicia Womack
Abolition Advocate, Awareness is Prevention

Elizabeth Takasaki
Member, Big Ocean Women

Amaris Graham


Terry Forliti

Executive Director, Breaking Free

Tanner West
Social Media Manager, BYU Anti-Human Trafficking Club

Austin Ruse
President, C-Fam, Inc

Mary Dekker
Campus Safety Officer/Coach, Calvin University

Lisa Shanklin
Managing Director, Capstone Counseling and Coaching

Robert Baker
Lead, Catalyst4Freedom

Julie Karcis
Vice President, Central Phoenix Inez Casiano NOW

Deanna Larsen
Owner, Instructor, Speaker, Chain Reaction Martial Arts

Warren Binford
Professor of Law & Clinic Director, Child & Family Advocacy Clinic, Willamette University

Heidi Olson
Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, Children's Mercy Kansas City

Taina Bien-Aime
Executive Director, Coalition Against Trafficking in Women

Christel Long
Executive Director, Crystal Clear Ministries International

Gail Dines
President, Culture Reframed

David Wolfenberger,

D & M Live Crab

Doug Smith
Owner, Author, Speaker, D&L Smith Solutions

Mary Bawden
Founder, Dance Awareness: No Child Exploited

Beth Stanton
Founder, Daughters of Bulgaria Foundation

Mary DeFusco
Co-Founder, President of the Board, Dawn's Place

Jill Manning
Ph.D., Dr. Jill Manning, PLLC

Lori Cohen

Kristy Norbert
Executive Director, Empower Her Network

John Stewart
President, Encompass Develop Design Construct

Donna Rice Hughes
President, CEO, Enough Is Enough

Benjamin Nolot
Founder, CEO, Exodus Cry

Bethanee Syversen
Executive Director, ExPOSE

Judi Riccio
Executive Director, Faithful Love, Inc

Sharon Slalter
President, Family Watch International

Natale McAneney
Executive Director, Fight the New Drug

Philippe Scelles
Président d’honneur Fondation SCELLE, Fondation Scelles

Barbara Fowler
Business Owner, Warrior Advocate, Fowler Davis LLC

Kathy Van Wie
Member of Founding Team, Freedom Place

Barbara Freeman
Oeer Recocery Supporter, Freeman Project

Susan Munsey
Founder, Generatehope

Tiffany Leeper, M.A.
Founder, President, Girls Against Porn & Human Trafficking (GAPHT)

Rima Nashashibi
Founder, President, Global Hope 365

Wendy Holston
Advocate, Hannah's Hope from Bel Air MD

Mary Bonnett
Producing Artistic Director, Her Story Theater

Anja Khoma
Anti-Trafficking Program Director, HRC Ministries

Richard Brown
President, Founder, Inca Link International

Haley McNamara
Director, International Centre on Sexual Exploitation

Alona Bahshian
Church Mobilizer, International Justice Mission (IJM)

Brian Scarnecchia
President, International Solidarity and Human Rights Institute (ISHRI)

Yehuda Levin
Rabbi, Jews For Morality

Abby Grace Worrell
Anti-Human Trafficking Committee, Junior League of Birmingham

Dianne Post
Attorney, Lavendar Patch

Raleigh Sadler
Executive Director, Let My People Go

Brooke Burris
Executive Director, Lincoln Tubman Foundation

Valerie Alviar
LVN, Los Angeles Unified School District

Lynn Shaw
Founder, Executive Director, Lynn's Warriors

Margaret Cairns
Vice President, Maryland Coalition Against Pornography

Maylissa Luby
Survivante, May’s Heart

Gilbert Lavoie
Board of Directors, Medical Institute for Sexual Health

Savelia Curniski
President, Nashi 

Dawn Hawkins
Executive Director, National Center on Sexual Exploitation

Ricky Darr
Director, National Decency Coalition

Elisa Johnson
Local Director, New Hampshire Traffick-Free Coalition

Ruchira Gupta
Professor, New York University & Apne Aap

Tiffany Marler
Vice Chair, Board of Directors (SL), Nomoretears21:4

Emilly Baylon
Project Coordinator, Oblate Sisters of the Most Holy Redeemer

Sarah Siegand
Co-Founder, Parents Who Fight

Susan Vigliano
Board President, Peace Promise

Kelly Stutts
Executive Director, Prevent Child Sexual Abuse Coalition

Felicia Ingram
Assistant Director of Operations, Prevention Works Joint Task Force & Coalition

Melissa Farley
Executive Director, Prostitution Research & Education

Chris McKenna
Founder & CEO, Protect Young Eyes

Kristen Jenson
Founder, CEO, Protect Young Minds

Alexandra Bull
Peer Support, Rahab

Vauna Davis
Founder, Executive Director, Reach 10

Staci Sprout
CEO, Recontext Media

Jessica Bahr
Mental Health Coach, RelationShifting

Rita Hernadnez
Director of Public Policy, Rescue: Freedom International

Lindsey H
Director of Outreach & Disruption, Reset180

Kay Duffield
Executive Director, Reset180

Martha Braniff
Child Advocate, Resilient New Mexico

Yasmin Vafa
Executive Director, Rights4Girls

Alan Smyth
Executive Director, Saving Innocence

Patrick Erlandson
Founder, Director, See It. End It.

Patrick K Riley
Prison Outreach Coordinator, Sex Addicts Anonymous

Congresswoman Linda Smith
Founder, President, Shared Hope International

Andrea Myers
Executive Director, She's Somebody's Daughter

 Mary Kehoe
Executive Director, Shine a Light Network

Dr. Chris Ugwu
Executive Director, Society for the Improvement of Rural People

Cynthia Collins
Founder, SpeakHope

Beth Morton
Director, Standing Strong Ministry

Robin Reber
Parent Advocate, Star Guides Wilderness

Noah Gassler
Private First Class (Ret.), Survivor's Network Africa

Autumn Burris
Founding CEO, Survivors for Solutions

Annah Irungu
Director, Teenagers Plus

Megan Lundstrom
Director of Research, The Avery Center for Research and Services

Justin Euteneier
Director of Programs, The EPIK Project

Sheiladawn Fitch
The Heidi Project

Veronica Sommer
Anti-Human Trafficking Advocate, The Kindness Solution

Tania Montanez
CEO, The Mavuno Project

Dean Kaneshiro
Speaker, Educator, The Parenthood Life

Ryan Bomberger
Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer, The Radiance Foundation

Charlene Polsley
Program Director, The Salvation Army

Russ Tuttle
Founder, President, The Stop Trafficking Project

Sherrie Jerke
Board Member, Traffick911

Pamela Rasberry
Victim Advocate, Trafficking Hope

Jerome Elam
CEO, President, Survivor Leader, Trafficking in America Task Force

Kendis Paris
Executive Director, Truckers Against Trafficking

Cole Forester
Co-Founder, True Radical Love

Donna Hughes
Professor & Carlson Endowed Chair, University of Rhode Island

Susan Ingram
Founder, Walk Her Home

Deanna Lambson
Founder, President, White Ribbon Week

Jason Frost
President, Director, Wired Human

Cecilia Bravo
Coordinator for US and Canada, Women of the World Global Platform

 Heidi Basch-Harod
Executive Director, Women's Voices Now

Nikki Demers, PhD
Counselor, Women’s Care Center

Brian and Melissa Leak
Global Anti-Trafficking Team, WorldVenture

Lutz-Ulrich Besser
FA für Psychiatrie u. Psychotherapie, Zentrum f. Psychotraumatologie und Traumatherapie Niedersachsen

Mahri Irvine, PhD
Independent Scholar

Brenda Sandquist
Executive Director, Xquisite

Christina Vasile
Advocate, RVA Hope Center


Aixa Armas
President, Mujer y Ciudadanía Asociación Civil

Angelica Gomez Director, OSR


Joshua HK

Overseer, Northmead Assembly of God

Kayula Leda
Anti-Trafficking Advocate, Sisters of Charity


You My Sister
Survivor-led NGO, You My Sister

Andrea Heinz
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Prisma Gorn
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

Helen Hughes
Survivor of Sexual Exploitation

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