statement cancelled 50 shades preschool fundraiser

statement cancelled 50 shades preschool fundraiser

In the course of a broader campaign surrounding 50 Shades of Grey and Domestic Violence we were made aware of the "50 Shades of Grey Waubra preschool fundraiser" by a concerned member of the Waubra community. We wondered if Uniting Care had approved the event and if so, if they had approved it with a full understanding of the abusive and sexually violent nature of the film.
It is for this reason we sent three tweets to Uniting Care, including a photograph of the poster advertising the event and information about the film. The image we shared had identifying details of event organisers obscured and we encouraged people to contact Uniting Care.  
Uniting Care responded promptly and our social media was updated to reflect this. Many people were shocked that a preschool would use this film as a fundraiser and pleased to see Uniting Care take action. 
Since sharing this information we have received an influx of increasingly hostile messages from those connected with the preschool and the event. After attempts to engage in discussion with these people proved to be fruitless, and comments became increasingly abusive and accusatory, we made a decision to remove those who persisted with hostile messages about Uniting Care and the cancellation of the event.

One of those accusations, first posted on our Facebook page was that staff and parents are receiving “calls, texts, emails and social media abuse” from “members of collective shout.” We have not and would not share identifying details of event organisers with anyone. We understand the event was widely promoted in the community with these details intact and if such abuse did occur, it was not from our supporters who did not have access to the personal information of the organisers. We advise that anyone on the receiving end of abuse contact police.

Collective Shout is not responsible for the decision to choose this film, nor its cancellation.
The issues arising from the event cancellation are between the event organisers and Uniting Care. View Uniting Care’s statement about the event cancellation here:

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