Thank you for helping close down Zoo Weekly to make our community safer for women and girls

Thank you for helping close down Zoo Weekly to make our community safer for women and girls


Thanks to friends like you, a petition calling on Coles and Woolworths to stop selling ‘lads mag’ Zoo Weekly has led to the closing down of the all-ages pornographic magazine.

The petition, started by Collective Shout supporter Laura Pintur, argued that the magazine normalised harmful attitudes towards women and has no place in supermarkets that pride themselves on ‘corporate responsibility’ and ‘supporting communities’.

As Laura said when she wrote about the petition for the Daily Mail,  

‘What chance does the younger generation have when they are being fed a diet of soft porn and the abuse, sexualisation, and objectification of women has become so normalised?’

The petition was also signed by a young Coles employee, Shannen, who had long felt the injustice of being required to handle and sell a magazine that promotes women’s subjugation and sexual objectification. Shannen was then inspired to take things further and submitted an official complaint to Coles.

Coles has informed Shannen that the magazine will be discontinued. She shares…

“Knowing that Coles is discontinuing Zoo magazine makes me feel relieved, for myself, and also for other young women in my workforce who no longer have to put up with selling a magazine that promotes rape culture.”

This incredible victory is a testament to the power of our combined voices. We’re grateful for Laura, Shannen and everyone who signed the petition. Your support has led to an important step towards a safer community for women and girls.

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  • Joanne Boal
    commented 2017-03-31 12:42:53 +1100
    Thanks Laura & Shannen. Great result
  • Caitlin Roper
    commented 2016-11-17 19:43:17 +1100
    Katherine, the issue goes beyond the choices of a few women. Sexist and objectifying material that erode women’s humanity and rights and promote violence against women (including tips on how to coerce women into unwanted sex) harm women as a whole, regardless of whether or not a few women claim to enjoy participating.

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