Good news from the UK – when will Australia do the same?

The UK Government has strengthened the Online Safety Bill through amendments which will help protect children from accessing p*rn.

According to the Government’s media release,

"Updates to the Bill will hold services that publish or allow pornography on their sites to a new higher standard on the age verification or age estimation tools they use, meaning they will have to ensure that these are highly effective in establishing whether a user is a child or not. New measures will also hold top tech executives personally responsible for keeping children safe on their platforms”.

“This Government will not allow the lives of our children to be put at stake whenever they go online; whether that is through facing abuse or viewing harmful content that could go on to have a devastating impact on their lives”, Minister for Technology and the Digital Economy Paul Scully said.

“To prevent any further tragedy and build a better future for our children, we are acting robustly and with urgency to make the Online Safety Bill the global standard for protecting our children."

So why is the Australian Government taking so long? With each passing day, multiple children are exposed to rape, torture and sadism p*rn. You can take action here. 

See our media release here

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  • Coralie Alison
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You can defend their right to childhood

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