WIN! ‘Bunnings Whorehouse’ hat gone!

Recently a supporter reached out to us after discovering a sexist hat on Rude Heads website. The hat was a play on words with the degrading slogan 'Bunnings Whorehouse' across the front and a silhouette of a woman using the Bunnings colours.


We encouraged the supporter to contact Bunnings to see what they thought about their brand being used in such an exploitative and degrading way. We also messaged Bunnings ourselves and posted on social media calling on our supporters to also contact Bunnings. 

Bunnings responded shortly after to thank supporters for bringing this to their attention and that they have raised it with the relevant teams.

"We’d like to assure you that this is an unauthorised use of the Bunnings brand and the language used is offensive and not in line with our values."

We followed up with them again a short while later and they stated:

"Our logos and trademarks are an important part of the Bunnings brand, and we take their placement seriously. We work with providers to ensure our brand rights are protected online and understand the hats with the Bunnings logo are no longer listed for sale, and related social media posts have been removed. We reserve the right to protect the use of our brand and encourage our customers to let us know if they feel it has been used inappropriately." 

The item is no longer available on the website. 


We'd like to thank all those that contacted Bunnings asking them to intervene and have Rude Heads remove this sexist item from their range. Silence is the language of complicity, speaking out is the language of change. 

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  • Coralie Alison
    published this page in News 2023-12-06 10:44:39 +1100

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