‘Against her will’: Amazon sells exploitative books glorifying rape and sexualising children

WARNING: Graphic content

E-commerce giant Amazon has been slammed by Australian women’s rights advocate groups for selling books promoting rape and sexual torture of women and children.

Please Don’t, Against her will, and Passing her around are just a few from the long list of disturbing pornographic fictions Collective Shout, a grassroots movement against the objectification of women, has highlighted as sexually exploitative.

Amazon has a long history of selling products that objectify women and sexualise children, says the group’s campaign manager Caitlin Roper.

“These books depict victims, including children, as sexually enticing and therefore deserving of rape,” she said.

“They emphasise the victims’ vulnerability, their unwillingness and their pleas, treating their resistance as something erotic and sexy.”

The backlash comes just a week after Amazon was forced to remove pedophile-themed baby onesies with the slogans “Daddy’s little f**k toy” and “I just look illegal”, Ms Roper said.

“It’s time for Amazon to start exercising basic corporate social responsibility and to wake up to the real-world impacts of the rape books they are profiting from,” she said.

“Amazon’s despicable promotion of rape and child sexual abuse as sexy or somehow warranted undermines global efforts to address an epidemic of men’s sexual violence against women and children.”

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