More rape and incest titles on Amazon

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Amazon have a long history of selling exploitative products that objectify women and sexualise children.

We've been challenging them to do better since they stocked "The Paedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure: A child-lovers code of conduct" back in 2010. They initially argued freedom of speech but eventually pulled the product from their shelves.

Sadly the list of harmful products stocked by Amazon has only gotten longer since then.

One of our team members recently came across this product on their site.



She took to Twitter to challenge them:

Join with us in pressuring Amazon to remove this harmful product and those like it.

Contact Amazon:

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Target their senior executives here:

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*Trigger Warning - rape, incest, sexual assault. Content may be distressing and NSFW*

It has been widely reported that global retailers Amazon, Barnes and Noble and WH Smith have been selling rape, incest and abuse themed e-books.

Amazon, WHSmith Selling Rape And Incest Porn

Amazon is making money from rape and incest fantasies. Does Jeff Bezos have a moral compass?

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