"Jingle my Bells"..."Big Booty Bitches" Supre encourages sexual harassment of girls

Supre must withdraw shirts that sexualise girls and perpetuate a culture of sexual harassment

Collective Shout has started a petition calling on Supre to withdraw slogan shirts such as “Jingle my bells” and “Big Booty “B*****s.”

jingle_my_bells_big_booty_b*tches_supre.jpgThe petition rapidly accumulated thousands of signatures. Following a news article in Australian Women’s Weekly, Supre issued a statement saying that “Jingle my bells” would be pulled from the shelves.

Supre slammed for sexualising young girls

Collective Shout’s Melinda Liszewski appeared on Channel 7′s The Daily Edition to discuss the campaign against Supre.

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While “Jingle my bells” has been pulled from the shelves (or so they tell us) Supre has not made a commitment to withdraw other sexualised slogan shirts, such as “Big Booty B******”…”B***h don’t kill my vibe” and “Coconuts.”

Not good enough!

This isn’t a store where adults get their clothes. It’s a cheapie chain frequented by flocks of young girls who should be allowed to enjoy their few short years of girlhood without being targeted as walking billboards for pornified messages about who girls are and what they are good for.

Given that Supre’s target market is young to mid teen girls surely it’s time management paid attention to the research and concerns expressed by leading child psychologists about sexualisation. Girls are experiencing unprecedented levels of anxiety, body image issues and eating disorders. The annual Mission Australia Youth survey again listed body image as one of the top concerns of young people. It is these problems that Supre is contributing to through its irresponsible marketing and product range.

Supre has a history of irresponsible products and advertising. Don’t let them get away with continuing to sexualise girls.

Sign and share the petition Petition now closed. [UPDATE] It appears the other merchandise was quietly removed and we have not yet heard of similar stock replacing it. If you see something, get in touch with us and make sure to send your feedback to Supre too.

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