Collective Shout Ambassador, Susan McLean, speaks out on 'Welcome to Sex' book

Cyber safety expert and Collective Shout ambassador, Susan McLean - Cyber Safety Expert speaks out on harmful advice in the new book 'Welcome to Sex' re minors sharing nude images.

'No, your kids shouldn't send nudes even with their faces removed.'
“The head is not the important part; you are still creating child abuse material which is a very serious offence.”

Ms McLean said minors sending nudes was a crime in Australia, except for Victoria in certain situations, and if convicted, kids could become registered sex offenders.

“Once you send an image you have lost control over it,” she said.

“A naked image is very attractive to a child sex offender, and they can end up on the computer of a paedophile or traded in a paedophile forum.”

She says parents and their children need to be made aware that the offence of making, possessing, and transmitting child abuse material is very serious.

“I have seen children become blackmailed at school. It became a competition among the boys of ‘guess the body’ from a headless nude photo,” McLean says.

“I’ve seen paedophiles tell children to just chop their head off and eventually they get a full nude photo.”

Read the full article on Kidspot here.

Susan also appeared on Podcast: ‘Child abuse material’ - Big W withdraws sex book for kids - Ben Fordham Live on 2GB Breakfast

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