Collective Shout welcomes Coalition efforts to protect kids from porn

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Collective Shout welcomes Coalition efforts to protect kids from porn

Collective Shout has commended the Coalition for today's announcement that it would fund an age verification pilot to help protect Australian children from porn exposure, if elected. We also welcome Shadow Communications Minister David Coleman's intention to introduce a private members bill Monday to amend the Online Safety act to legislate for the Minister to run a trial.

Movement Director Melinda Tankard Reist was present at the press conference at Bravehearts Brisbane headquarters today, where Opposition Leader Peter Dutton, and Shadow Minister Coleman announced the Coalition's commitment to provide an extra $6.7million in funding to the eSafety Commission for a trial.

Addressing the media event alongside Bravehearts CEO Alison Geale and co-founder of the Daniel Morcombe Foundation Denise Morcombe, Tankard Reist expressed deep disappointment with the Federal Government's decision not to act on eSafety's recommendation for an age verification pilot.

"In rejecting an age verification pilot, the Federal Government put the vested interests of the predatory global porn industry ahead of the wellbeing of children. It prioritised porn profits over child protection," Tankard Reist said.

"As a result, millions more children will be exposed to rape, torture and sadism porn."

Tankard Reist said the grooming impact of porn on a generation of children was being seen in schools across the country, with girls reporting more sexual harassment, touching, sexual moaning, rape threats, demands for nudes and unsolicited dick pics. Many girls did not feel safe at school.

There is a reason adolescent males 15-19 (according to the ABC) constitute the largest cohort of sex offenders in the country.

"The Government claims to want to address violence against women. Pornography is acknowledged as one of the drivers of this violence. Yet the Government has allowed business as usual for the industry," Tankard Reist said.

"It has offloaded its ethical duty to protect the most vulnerable members of our community."

Collective Shout initiated an Open Letter signed by almost 50 child protection and women's safeguarding organisations, calling on the Government to reverse its irresponsible decision. 

We call on Federal MPs to support the private member's bill. This is a chance to make amends and get the age verification roadmap back on track.

Friday November 24, 2023

Contact: Melinda Tankard Reist, ph: 0414305738

Here is the Coalition's media release.


Shadow Commnications Minister David Coleman, (left, Peter Dutton, right, MTR)


MTR addresses the media event flanked by Opposition Leader Peter Dutton and Shadow Communications Minister David Coleman.


MTR with Alison Geale and Denise Morcombe. 


MTR, Alison Geale and Denise Morcombe discuss the devastating impacts of porn on young people, with Andrew Wallace, MP (who chaired the Inquiry into Age Verification for Online Wagering and Online Pornography which recommended an age verification roadmap), Opposition Leader Dutton and Communications Shadow Minister David Coleman, at the Bravehearts office in Brisbane today.

Urge your MP to support private member's bill calling for Fed Comms Minister to begin trial!

There's not much notice, as the bill will be introduced this Monday. But it is imperative that your MP knows what you think. And if your representative is an Independent/Teal, please make a special effort as they will determine the outcome.

You can find your MP here.

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