Statement of Intention

In a spirit of respect and responsibility towards our consumers and broader society, and in recognition of the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women and Convention on the Rights of the Child, we PLEDGE to be respectful of women and girls in our advertising and marketing by refraining from:

  • publishing images or messages that objectify[1] women or girls;
  • supplying products or providing services that involve images or messages that objectify women or girls;
  • promoting products or services designed to encourage children to think sexual appeal is essential to social and financial success;
  • supplying/promoting products to girls, or providing services to girls that bear any mark, brand or logo associated with the sex industry/pornography

We further pledge to rectify any inadvertent breach of our commitment as soon as it is identified.

[1] Objectification means presenting a person as an object for another person’s use or enjoyment, and it includes a gratuitous focus on a particular body part or parts 


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