Our latest discovery: Custom-made dog sex dolls

While things may look bleak, we remind you of all the wins we have had in this space.

*Content warning* This content may be distressing.

We’ve previously exposed sex doll manufacturers who customise dolls in the likeness of specific women and children. Now, we’ve come across one that produces custom-made sex dolls in the form of dogs.

According to the website, the dog sex doll is very realistic. It is poseable, and comes with "oral, anal and vaginal function":

"The dog not only looks realistic, it feels realistic too! Making love to it will give you a lot of pleasure."

As published on The Publica:

The author of a book on sexual abuse and sex dolls is sounding the alarm about a company offering customizable canine sex dolls online for zoophiles.

Earlier this week, Caitlin Roper took to X (formerly Twitter) to call out “Mythical Creations,” a company owned by a man previously exposed for manufacturing custom infant and toddler sex dolls for pedophiles, after she learned that it had also begun producing penetrable dog toys for zoophiles.


While [the manufacturer] has previously tried to claim that he is simply providing a “therapeutic service” for those with taboo desires, speaking to The Publica, Caitlin Roper, the author of Sex Dolls, Robots, and Woman Hating, explained that the dolls are far from harmless.

“There are some people who will defend this as a fantasy, or a victimless crime. They’ll say, ‘it’s not an actual dog’, or ‘it’s not an actual baby’, as though there is no harm. But we have to view these products in context, and that’s a context where men do sexually abuse and rape children, infants and animals, and these products encourage and legitimize this abuse, and enable men to practice,” she said.

On X, social media users have universally condemned the dog sex dolls as “abhorrent,” with many wondering how they were considered legal. Others speculated that eventually, the zoophiles purchasing the dolls may seek out “the real thing,” putting animals in their proximity at risk.

Read the full article here.

Signs of hope

While this discovery is understandably distressing, and things might seem quite bleak, we want to remind you of the many victories we have already had in this space.

We’ve successfully gotten child sex abuse dolls pulled from Alibaba, Etsy, Made-in-China, Shopee and Wish. Alibaba even went as far as to geo-block ALL sex doll sales to Australia and the US.

As a result of our reporting, Twitter pulled 71 child sex abuse doll seller accounts last year – including a global influencer with almost 15 000 followers – and Instagram removed nine toddler sex abuse doll accounts. Sex doll ‘influencer’ and promoter of child sex abuse dolls Tradie Rod’s accounts were removed from Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube.

We also challenged uncritical media coverage of sex doll companies, with Mamamia editing a piece as a result, and 7News quietly pulling a pro-sex doll piece from its website and socials after our open letter.

We’re not backing down. We will continue to campaign against the harmful trade in sex dolls and robots, and we are confident that with your support we will see more victories as a result.

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