Dodgy Diva does it again: flogging Playboy necklaces to little girls

Serial offenders Diva quietly restock Playboy jewellery at discounted prices

Last year we learned that retailer Diva was selling Playboy accessories- including Playmate of the month themes- to young girls in stores around the country. In response, we circulated a petition that received over 8000 signatures within weeks and generated substantial media attention. Diva quietly removed Playboy merchandise from shelves and staff advised us they had been returned to Head Office.

A few months later, some supporters alerted us that Playboy jewelry was popping up again in shops. Some stores even kept it behind the counter. One supporter Jo shared the response she received from Diva.

So why is Diva once again selling the very same items for $3 each?

It is quite clear to us that Diva is not concerned with entrenching the brand of the global sex industry to young girls, not about grooming them to be consumers of the Playboy brand as they get older. Diva initially defended their decision to stock Playboy , describing it as "fashion chic". However, the Playboy logo found on their jewellery has very little to do with fashion and much more with the global pornographic industry. Playboy Enterprises owns a large selection of TV channels hosting brutal, hardcore pornography. You can read some of the titles here.

Diva's response

In response to complaints via twitter and on their facebook page, Diva have said:

Take action today!

We have reopened our original petition. Please sign it!

Write on Diva's public Facebook page

Contact Diva on twitter 

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