Federal Minister for Women Kelly O'Dwyer calls for national response to Wicked Campers

"Sexist, misogynistic and offensive"

Via Sydney Morning Herald

The days of Wicked Campers' off-colour branding may be numbered, as federal Minister for Women Kelly O'Dwyer seeks a national response to stop the company branding its vehicles with "sexist, misogynistic and offensive slogans".

With slogans like "in every princess there is a little slut that wants to try it just once", "the best thing about oral sex – 5 minutes of silence" and "life sucks if your girlfriend doesn't", the company has long courted the ire of women, families, and people who prefer not to be distracted by obscenities while driving.

Ms O'Dwyer has written to state and territory ministers seeking their urgent support to advance a co-ordinated national approach to force Wicked Campers to comply with community standards.

The company has managed to avoid compliance with Ad Standards' Community Panel determinations to remove advertising emblazoned on its vehicles despite them being deemed offensive, because the company owns the vehicles that carry the ads.

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As vehicle registration is managed at a state level, the national approach Collective Shout calls for is for each individual state to implement the same legislation that was passed in Qld in 2017. This legislation means operators who refuse to remove offensive content within 14 days will have their vehicles deregistered.

The hashtag #NotOnOurRoads was trending yesterday on Twitter as people spoke out in droves condemning Wicked Campers mobile misogyny.

The campaign called on the Premier of South Australia Steve Marshall to support the private member’s bill moved by Shadow Minister for the Status of Women Katrine Hildyard MP. This bill would give power to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles to refuse to register, or to deregister, Wicked Campers and other vehicles that have had complaints upheld against them by the Ad Standards.

Join the campaign on twitter - message the Premier and ask him to support the bill. Use twitter handle @marshall_steven and include the hashtag #NotOnOurRoads 

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