General Pants 'Sex' campaign may breach Anti-discrimination Act

Porn inspired ad campaign may create a hostile work environment in which women are sexually harassed by co-workers or customers

"To display material that is sexually explicit or sexually suggestive in the workplace could be in breach of the Anti-Discrimination Act," he said.
"There have been displays of photographic nudity which have been found to be offensive and in breach of the Act. If anyone felt offended by that, they could lodge a complaint."
The Sunday Telegraph last week revealed female staff who had been asked to wear the "I love sex" badges felt it was "degrading" and "demeaning" to them as women.
They also said posters featuring a semi-naked woman with taped-over breasts and a man unzipping her jeans were inappropriate for the retailer's young customer base.
The Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick, said displaying sexually explicit material in a shop could create a hostile work environment in which women could be sexually harassed by their co-workers or the shop's customers.

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