Generation porn: new doco reveals how the sex trade preys on young women

A new channel 4 documentary explores how exposure to porn has affected a young generation’s attitudes to sex and relationships and how young women are targeted for recruitment.

The first episode which aired recently in the UK, features a 21 year old who goes by the name Gianna who was recruited into porn via dating and hook-up app ‘Tinder.’

The recruiter ‘matched’ with her on tinder and then invited her to film a ‘trial scene.’ Gianna now has over half a million followers on social media and has made almost one hundred films, but working in pornography has alienated her from her family. Text messages from her father pleading with her to return to school were shown.

A porn director spoke about the access young people have to pornography.

Via The Sun

'It's impossible to stop 11-year-olds watching porn'

Director Mike Quasar, who has filmed Gianna and shoots over 500 scenes a year, ironically empathises with her dad.

"If my daughter told me she wanted to do porn in any aspect, I'd jump in front of a train," Mike, who has been working in porn since the 90s, says in the documentary.

"I know that makes me a massive hypocrite because I'm certainly willing to film other people's daughters doing terrible things.

"Because of free porn [which hit the internet in 2006] it's easy for a girl just turning 18 to get into the industry in a way they couldn't before.

"My fear is that girls and boys not old enough to know who they are and what they are, are identifying with this prematurely."

That's in part because so many adult stars have accounts on sites like Twitter.

“…[twitter] is one of the biggest porn sites in the world.” (bold ours)

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