Violent sex, assault, rape, degrading sexual practices: A GP’s plea to Aus Gov to protect kids from porn

Dr Johanna Lynch, GP, Senior Lecturer at the University of Queensland and President of Australian Society for Psychological Medicine has sent a desperate plea to Federal Communications Minister Michelle Rowland.

I am writing from the front lines and am concerned at the rapid rise in violent sex, assault, rape, objectifying and degrading sexual practices, and non-fatal strangulation in our community. I am concerned that girls are now routinely propositioned as though they are p*rn stars and boys understanding of intimacy is being developed under the influence of profit driven abusive sexual images.
Only the very naive in our community would consider the p*rn industry to be benign and able to regulate itself.
This is a public health tragedy – playing out in children’s bedrooms where they are being groomed by an industry only interested in their addiction and their potential to bring profit.
Please can you take my very real concerns to the government again in your position as Communications Minister.
Please do respond to me – I am a dedicated professional caring for your community and I am sounding an alarm that I fear you will ignore.

When will the Federal Government listen to front-line providers? Make your voice heard now! Contact the Minister: 

The Hon Michelle Rowland MP
Minister for Communications
PO Box 6022
House of Representatives
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

See the Open Letter signed by 46 women’s safety and child protection experts who make the case for an age verification pilot

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