High Beams: Supre setting the standard for objectification of girls

Melinda Tankard Reist

Do you remember Supre’s ‘Santa’s Bitch’ t.shirts for tween girls at Christmas? That charming little tee which told girls they were Santa’s ho, entrenching and mainstreaming pimp culture in girl’s clothing? Supre told me – and others who complained – they would withdraw them. They didn’t.

Not that long after, they were stocking their racks with “Pussy Power” t.shirts for girls, complete with cute black kitten. That’s right girls, your power is in your genitals. A good strong empowering message for girls everywhere. Thanks Supre.

Now, for the trifecta, Supre has come up with this:


Girls are bitches, they are pussies, and their nipples are erect (maybe they’re not even wearing a bra)according to Supre. Supre seems to find no problems with drawing attention to a girls chest. That’s just what girls need isn’t it, more attention drawn to their breasts.


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