Honey Birdette sex toys and more on Westfield website

A Collective Shout supporter from Canberra has spoken out about Honey Birdette and the products being featured on Westfield Shopping Centre's website. These products include sex toys, BDSM equipment, completely backless underwear and more. Our supporter has shared with us her complaint made to the Advertising Standards Board:


"I object to a shopping mall advertising Honey Birdette's products on Westfield's public website. There are 10 pages of highly sexualised images of women promoting not just lingerie but sexual 'bondage' accessories like handcuffs, paddles, whips, bondage kits, 'tie me' tape, bridles, harnesses and more. The store also sells sex toys and other adult products that should not be available in a family shopping centre. I am offended that this objectifying and violent material can be easily accessed on Westfield's website, and that these products are available in a shopping mall at all.  

This website breaches the code of advertising and marketing to children in that marketing 2.4 must not employ sexual appeal and 2.5 must not include sexual imagery in contravention of prevailing community standards. It also breaches the code of ethics 2.2 in which Advertising or Marketing Communications shall not employ sexual appeal (b) in a manner which is exploitative and degrading of any individual or group of people and 2.3 Advertising or Marketing Communications shall not present or portray violence unless it is justifiable in the context of the product or service advertised and 2.4 Advertising or Marketing Communications shall treat sex, sexuality and nudity with sensitivity to the relevant audience.  

People of any age can easily access ads of the Westfield stores and products, and it is harmful to all in our society to be 'normalising' violence and sexualisation, especially children. As a mother of four children, I'm appalled that I have to complain about such things. Why is there no filter or screening process in place so that products and images like Honey Birdette's are restricted from entering public places?   

I'm disgusted that Westfield allows a sex shop to be present in their mall, as they have a corporate social responsibility to the community."

Please stay tuned as our campaign on Honey Birdette advertising continues.

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