Media Release: Collective Shout declares victory as 7-Eleven withdraws sexual harassment magazines

Following a campaign calling on 7-Eleven to withdraw unrestricted pornographic magazines that sexualise teen girls and encourage harassment, Collective Shout can announce a victory.

The magazines, including People and Picture, include headlines such as “X-rated Aussie Teens”, refer to teenage girls as “fresh flesh” and promote ‘nip slips’ and upskirting, which is a crime in Australia. Another article claimed that girls desire being groped by strangers.

7-Eleven CEO Angus McKay said franchisees had been instructed to remove the magazines from sale as a priority.

“I have personally written to all franchisees and store managers asking for the removal of these magazines. The note makes my, and the company’s, view on these magazines very clear,” he said.

Collective Shout campaigns manager Melinda Liszewski welcomed the move.

“The display and sale of pornographic magazines in the public space creates a hostile environment for women and girls. Decades of empirical research shows this.

“Sexual objectification and sexism creates a culture of violence against women. This is acknowledged in the Federal Government National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010 – 2022.

“These magazines should never have been available in 7-Eleven. Pulling them from sale now is a positive step towards a culture of respect for women and girls and we hope and expect other retailers to follow this example.”

Media contact:
Melinda Liszewski

[email protected]


September 4 2019

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