Miners Get Vaginas - Let's get this harmful and sexist product removed

'Miners Get Vaginas', 'Moving Dirt And Chasing Skirt' and 'No Hole to [sic] Deep' slogans on this cap from Country Trucker Caps
Take action: Contact Country Trucker Caps today and tell them to pull this sexist and objectifying product from their website.
  • You can email: [email protected] or comment/message via their Facebook and Instagram
  • The hat also contains the popular Caterpillar logo. We contacted Caterpillar to ask if they endorse this sexist product. Send them a message and ask them to take action. 
Link to product here.
The mining industry is still struggling to attract women with reports of sexual harassment commonplace. 
Last year's "Diggers and Dealers came hot on the heels of a landmark parliamentary report about sexual assault and harassment in WA’s mining industry that took evidence from 55 brave women who detailed their harrowing experiences.

Enough is Enough laid bare the toxic and predatory culture that exists amongst FIFO workers in an industry where "sexual harassment is generally accepted or overlooked", where positions of power are abused, codes of conduct breached and cover-ups the norm.

The shocking stories uncovered included women being knocked unconscious and sexually assaulted, having co-workers touch their breasts in work meetings without consequences, being repeatedly asked for sex, being stalked, groomed and subjected to pornography and a range of other degrading treatment while at work." - ABC 

McGowan Government delivers progress report on response to Parliamentary Inquiry into sexual harassment of women in the fly-in, fly-out mining industry.

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You can defend their right to childhood

A world free of sexploitation is possible!

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