Petition: Drive Wicked Campers off the road

Sign the petition - together we can end Wicked Campers' mobile misogyny once and for all

Wicked Campers are notorious for their sexually explicit slogans and imagery, even advocating rape and murder.

Ad Standards has upheld complaints against Wicked Campers' slogans and imagery more than 80 times; but with no power to enforce rulings and no penalties, the company ignores every notice.

Not even a petition signed by 126,000 people initiated by an 11 year old - upset by a slogan referring to girls as ‘sluts’ - could get Wicked Campers to change its ways.

Since then, Tasmania, ACT and Queensland have passed laws to deregister Wicked if it doesn’t abide Ad Standards Rulings.

We are calling on MPs to enact similar legislation in other states - Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria. This will close the loophole that allows de-registered Wicked Campers to cross the boarder and re-register in other states. 

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Who's signing

Katie Robinson
Barbara Rosendahl
Bradlee Richardson
Laura Goelst
Cherie Hendriksen
Stephen Graham
Laura Cavallo
Gregory McIntyre
Raelene Ackland
Mark Dickinson
Greg Randolph
Sandra Hough
barbara petrie
Diane Marshall
Brooke Compton
Ruth Keszia
Jiann Hughes
Lisa Boyle
Jamie Podmore Taylor
Eliza Morgan
Rebecca Herden
Judy Astleford
Monique Richardson
Liz Branigan
Jane Waldock
Tracey Bruce
Cathy Usatoff
GOAL: 10,000 signatures

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