*WIN!* Together we can end Wicked Campers' mobile misogyny once and for all

Wicked Campers is notorious for their sexually explicit slogans and imagery, even advocating rape and murder.

Ad Standards has upheld complaints against Wicked Campers' slogans and imagery more than 80 times; but with no power to enforce rulings and no penalties, the company ignores every notice.

Since then, Tasmania, ACT and Queensland have passed laws to deregister Wicked if it doesn’t abide Ad Standards Rulings.

We are calling on MPs to enact similar legislation in other states - Western Australia, South Australia, and New South Wales. This will close the loophole that allows de-registered Wicked Campers to cross the border and re-register in other states. 

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Patricia Byrnes
Adela Brent
Anne Hart
Dana Kabaila
Catherine Cole
Jenna M-D
Cara Stewart
Dan Johnson
Bradley Hooper
Diane Morrison
Sabrina Dawson
Michael Sobb
Claire O'Dowd
Sian Smith
Helen Harvison
Lachlan Keller
rachel murphy
Anna Blinks
Kylie Kendall
Nick Mosey
Jàguar Lacroix
Meghan Davis
Janell Broadbent
Shanette Jack
Jemma Telleman
Bradley Hooper
Aleisha Eadon
Suzanne Marsh
Keely Worth
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