Contact your MP: We can't wait for porn age verification, we need it now

Join us as we call on both sides of parliament to fast-track an age verification system to help protect children from online porn.

Every day more boys and girls are harmed by exposure to hardcore violent, sadism, rape and torture porn. The longer it takes to implement an age verification system, the more children will be harmed.

We cannot afford to wait - we need proof of age porn protections for children now.

We are encouraging our supporters to contact their MP and demand they implement age verification urgently and ensure it is a bipartisan commitment to protect children. 

To make the process simple, we have provided talking points to use in an email, phone call or meeting with your federal member. 

  • Our kids can currently stumble onto hardcore pornography websites with a few errant clicks with no protections.
  • Online age verification will force pornographic websites to establish users are over 18 before they can view the site, just the same as the age restrictions that currently exist in the real world.
  • Research shows that if a child accesses pornography at a young age, when the child is still developing, it can have extensive negative impacts on the child including poor mental health, increased levels of sexual aggression and violence, a heightened risk of sexual abuse; and a greater chance of engaging in risky behaviours.
  • The report from the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs Protecting the age of innocence recommends the Government legislate online age verification on pornographic and gambling websites.
  • While the Government supports this recommendation, we need to implement age verification immediately to provide children with a barrier to being exposed to harmful adult content. 
  • Exposure to pornography and predators has only been exacerbated by lockdowns and increased screen time.

Take action

Contact your Federal Member to ask what they are doing to ensure the Government implements digital Age Verification which has already been agreed to as recommended in the Protecting the Age of Innocence report. You can find your Member here.   

Let us know if you receive a response.

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