Look what arrived in the mail: TeePublic prints and ships child abuse merch

Last month we launched our campaign against online apparel company, Teepublic, who is selling harmful and degrading clothing, including onesies for infants, with slogans glorifying violence against women and exploitation of children. 

The following day TeePublic responded claiming they had removed the identified items from their platform however we found hundreds more still up. We continued to call them out on social media requesting they do a full investigation and remove all harmful products depicting violence against women and child abuse. 

Five days later, I decided to purchase one of the onesies to test whether TeePublic would in fact produce the products and ship it. Well guess what just arrived in the mail.


Why are Teepublic printing and shipping merch that exploits vulnerable children? How is it that at no point during the production and shipping process did an adult stop and say this is not okay? 

Teepublic flogs child abuse onesies and incites violence against women


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  • Coralie Alison
    published this page in News 2024-03-15 08:41:12 +1100

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