The Vampire Diaries

'Predatorial' advertisement on a bus shelter near you

Jane recently posted on our community page about an advertisement for 'The Vampire Diaries.' The image is of two men, going for a woman's neck. Jane described the image as 'highly predatory.' We have since been contacted by a number of other Collective Shout supporters who are also concerned about this advertisement.

Have you seen these advertisements in your community? Many have been seen on bus shelters. Jane contacted her local council and got a great response from them. You might like to contact your local council too. Jane also advises us that the person we should contact is Brian Feeney at Channel 9. His email address is here: [email protected]

If you choose to send an email to Mr Feeney, remember to keep your message short and polite, simply outlining why you have a problem with the advertisement and why you would like it removed.

You might point out:

  • The show is 'M' rated, yet is advertised openly on bus shelters¬†
  • The particular scene depicted in this advertisement, is one that is confusing for children and may be upsetting
  • This is a depiction of violence against women, which may be triggering for women who have experienced violence
  • Surely there are a number of different options for advertising television shows, why did they choose this image over all others?

Before writing, please check out Jane's original post about this and the great discussion following, on our community site here. (site no longer available) You can join the discussion by becoming a member of the community page. Signing up only takes a few minutes. Feel free to also share your thoughts in the comments below.

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