Thigh Gap Jewellery? What next?

Have you heard? Now there is even a company that sells thigh gap jewellery. But wait....there's a catch.


A whole new website has been created showcasing a range of thigh gap jewellery.

The website explains:

"TGap Jewellery designs accessories specifically for thigh gap.

We focus on accentuating and celebrating the gap.

All TGap Jewellery pieces are handcrafted with care.

Find out more about TGap Jewellery here."

There are a variety of pieces in their collection and shots of models wearing it.


It looks legitimate.....until.

After you have been on the site for around 15 seconds a pop up appears to help clarify things. It takes the consumer on a journey about what thigh gap is and the harms of attempting to reach this as a body goal. If a consumer attempts to click on TGAP's Facebook, Twitter or Instagram links it also redirects them to the Story Behind TGAP Jewellery page as laid out below (scroll down).

While this website has cleverly found a way to reeducate the community on the harms of thigh gap it is sad that they even have to do it in the first place. Women and girls are bombarded daily with toxic messages reinforcing the lie that their worth and value comes from being hot, thin and sexy. Pornified images have become the wallpaper of society. Where can we shop where we are not exposed to this sort of imagery?

That is why we at Collective Shout have developed the Corporate Social Responsibility Pledge. A statement of intention that companies can sign to declare they will not objectify women and sexualise girls in their marketing and advertising. It takes a village to raise a child and the village is toxic. Help us to tackle this issue by inviting a local business in your area to sign our pledge. 
















 If you would like to speak to someone about body image issues or unhealthy weight loss practices you can contact Body Matters here

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