Victoria to ban mobile phones in all state primary and secondary schools

Via The Guardian

In an effort to reduce distractions and cyber bullying, and hopefully improve education outcomes, students will have to switch off their phones and store them in lockers during school hours until the final bell, the education minister, James Merlino, has announced.

In case of an emergency, parents or guardians can reach their child by calling the school.

The only exceptions to the ban will be where students use phones to monitor health conditions, or where teachers instruct students to bring their phone for a particular classroom activity.

“This will remove a major distraction from our classrooms, so that teachers can teach, and students can learn in a more focused, positive and supported environment,” Merlino said.

“Half of all young people have experienced cyberbullying. By banning mobiles we can stop it at the school gate.”

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Last year a review was conducted into the non-educational use of mobile devices in NSW schools

The review was conducted by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg with the support of Susan McLean and Associate Professor Amanda Third.

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg and Susan McLean are Collective Shout Ambassadors.

Read the report here: Review into the non-educational use of mobile devices in NSW schools – report

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