Video: Coles and Woolworths sells Zoo Weekly porn mag to children

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  • Merridy Briese
    commented 2015-05-26 20:01:42 +1000
    I would think it was probably pretty obvious someone got the children to do this and obvious that no one on staff stopped them from purchasing this product or even looked twice while it was happening. With the new serve yourself checkouts they will also be able to go through with alcohol and whatever they please, luckily cigarettes are harder to get to now. What difference does it make if they knew they were being filmed, the staff and supermarket did not.
    This is the point of the situation.
  • Rhomenka Vallance
    commented 2015-05-26 18:17:29 +1000
    Hey, how did this kid let someone film him? Wouldn’t you get a bit suspicious when someone is filming you purchase things at the supermarket? I totally agree with the fact that this magazine should be off of the shelves, but I’m not convinced that this wasn’t a setup. I could be wrong and it could be that they told the children something else, but I want to make sure that this is real, if we want it off of the shelves we need to make sure we do it the right way. Just would like some clarification…
  • Deborah Pintur
    commented 2015-05-25 18:52:35 +1000
    Just goes to show that Woolworths and Coles don’t live by their own Strategies and objectives – Woolworth quotes on their Website " Listening… We talk to our customers all the time. And we do a lot of research to find out what they think of our stores and to learn more about what we can do differently." Well we have asked you nicely so heres something you can do…STOP SELLING ZOO! Please listen to us as ultimatly it will be our children who will suffer. As for Coles – Yes you do have a " have a huge responsibility to your customers, " surely your ’Sustainability policy to enhance our environment and leave a better world for future generations of Australians. should also take into consideration the responsibility our children minds and hearts they too need the same nurturing!
  • Merridy Briese
    commented 2015-05-25 10:53:15 +1000
    Disgusting is the acceptance of ones “rights”, ask no questions and with the desensitisation of our modern culture with porn in every form, this is no surprise. I would be surprised that a child would bother with a magazine which they have probably already found under their dads or older brothers bed earlier, when they can freely access every form of hard-core vile piece of porn on their own personal phone or computer in privacy whenever they like.

    This issue is an epidemic so huge and far reaching that now they want to ditch classification times on free TV channels so those like SBS and ABC can show their pathetic trashy late night filth/porn programs during the day for your dear little innocent 4 year olds to view.

    Our government needs to man up and start using common sense to protect our children. We now have young teen boys from 14yrs old raping little children including their own younger siblings after becoming exposed and addicted to this rubbish. We are creating a nation of damaged people, this is the legacy of porn.

    EVERYONE is responsible for for protecting children from adults “rights”. Time to get real!!!

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