Win! CocoNine pulls ‘peeping’ bathroom sign

Canberra Thai restaurant CocoNine has removed a sign depicting a man looking through a peephole of a woman’s restroom after being called out.


New supporter Robyn alerted us to the sign which trivialised men’s predation and violation of women in their private spaces. Robyn complained directly to the restaurant while Movement Director Melinda Tankard Reist commented on their Facebook page, “Why are you normalising men spying on women in your toilets?”

Another supporter, Hope White, commented, “How awful! How long has this sign been up? What an awful message to be sending to customers.”

Another commenter noted that a hidden camera was discovered in the women’s restroom at her university the previous week. This violation of women portrayed as humorous or trivial on the sign is being done by men to women in the real world.

CocoNine responded yesterday, stating:

Please know, we absolutely hear and understand your concerns about the sign and I assure you that your feedback is taken seriously! We have now had someone come in to remove the sign as it definitely does not align with our values or the message we are trying to convey and we are disappointed that this had not come to our attention earlier. We will continue to be mindful of the impact our space may have on others, and we appreciate you bringing this to our attention!

We thank CocoNine for responding to our complaints and acknowledge our supporters for speaking out.

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  • Caitlin Roper
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