Young women report coercion from male partners, citing porn

Young women report coercion from male partners, citing porn

A 23 year old woman shared her experiences of coercion and unwanted porn-inspired sexual acts instigated by male partners on Twitlonger as Rosie Redstockings:

'Mine is the first generation to be exposed to online porn from a young age. We learnt what sex is from watching strangers on the internet, we don't know anything else. Here are some of the things that I have experienced...

- having my head shoved into his crotch, and held down while I sucked him off 
- being told that my gag reflex was too strong, couldn't I work on it?
- bullied into submitting to facials. I didn't want to. He said (joking?) that he'd ejaculate on my face while I was   asleep. He wasn't joking - I woke up with him wanking over me. 
- bullied into trying anal. It hurt so much I begged him to stop. He stopped, then complained that I was being too sensitive and it can't be *that* bad, he continued to ask for it 
- having my hair pulled 
- constant requests for threesomes
- constant requests to let him film it

And on every single occasion, I felt guilty for not being a 'cool girl'. I was letting him down. I was a prude.

THIS IS NOW NORMAL. Every single straight girl I know has had similar experiences. Every. Single. One. Some have experienced far worse. Some have given in, some have resisted, all have felt guilty and awkward for not being "liberated" enough, not giving him what he wants...Porn has done this.' 

A teenage girl featured in the documentary In the Picture also related her experiences with males who used pornography and felt an entitlement to sex in any way they wanted: 


 “I think when boys start having sex they imagine porn, and like everything that goes on in porn, because that’s the dream really, boys can have their way with girls and girls can… take it all. Girls they love it in the porn so maybe boys think that girls like that. They don’t want to ask, because how do you just ask? They just do it and hope that she takes it, and I’m sure some girls would take it and just do it, because, you know, it’s awkward sometimes saying no. “ 

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