Carson Wealth head denies Playboy investment - but we've got proof

Recently, we discovered another US based investment firm with shares in global porn entity, Playboy. According to public financial records, Carson Wealth Management has been a Playboy shareholder since at least 2019.

We asked parent company (Carson Group) founder and (now outgoing) CEO Ron Carson why his company was propping up this corporate pimp, pornographer and predator, and pointed him to our campaign calling on Playboy investors to dump their shares.

Ron replied: ‘We are not invested in Playboy!’

But 13Fs (US Securities and Exchange Commission’s mandatory equity holding reports) don’t lie. The most recent one filed by Carson Wealth Management is dated 4 April 2024 and signed by Chief Compliance Officer James Clements. It records 1350 PLBY Group (Playboy) shares.

Did Ron genuinely not know he has been propping up and profiting from the sexual exploitation of women and children for several years? Carson Group’s stated mission is ‘to be the most trusted for financial advice’. How are people supposed to trust a company led by a CEO who doesn’t even know what he’s invested in?

If Ron and his company really care about ‘trust’ and ‘integrity’ as they claim to, they will divest from Playboy (PLBY Group) immediately, and commit to not investing in sexual exploitation in the future.


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Tell Carson Group founder Ron Carson and incoming CEO Burt White to dump Playboy shares! Let us know if you get a reply.

Ron Carson


Burt White


Read about our winning (and ongoing!) campaign calling on Playboy investors to dump their shares here.

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