Yoga and fitness apparel store "Lululemon" is relatively new to Australia. In 2014, a Carindale Qld store was forced to remove shop front window advertising with the slogan "Yoga improves your snatch." A Lululemon spokesperson admitted that the vulgar double entendre was intentional. 

Lululemon has also attracted controversy in the US due to its yoga pants being see-through. Garments that appeared opaque in-store or the dressing room were found to be transparent when women wore them during exercise. Lululemon founder Chip Wilson blamed women for the problem stating the pants "don't work for certain women's bodies." 

Lululemon forced to remove shop front window slogan following complaints

As reported by the Courier Mail: New to Queensland shopping malls, up-market lifestyle and athletic brand Lululemon ruffled a few feathers last week with a...

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