Amazon's vile list of exploitative products for 2016

Amazon have a long history of selling exploitative products. We've been challenging them to do better since they stocked "The Paedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure: A child-lovers code of conduct" back in 2010. They initially argued freedom of speech but eventually pulled the product from their shelves. 

Sadly the list of vile products stocked by Amazon has only gotten longer since then.



There was the sexist bumper sticker referring to women as "ugly bitches"


Pornographic T-shirts


"I love oral" kids T-shirt


Rape guerilla figurines


Rape comics


School girl costume listed as "sexy"


Sexualised Snow White children's costume


Rape face baseball cap


"Nice tits" baby onesie

Businesses like Amazon do not deserve our consumer dollar. It should not be up to everyday citizens to continually alert Amazon to their exploitative and harmful products. They need to exercise corporate social responsibility and ensure products like these are not uploaded to the website in the first place.

To see Amazon's full history of sexploitation click here.  


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