Bavarian Bier Cafe "best rack" ad treats women like meat

[UPDATE] WIN! #BESTRACK Ad withdrawn 'due to complaints'

We have received notification from the Advertising Standards Board that the Bavarian Bier Cafe has voluntarily withdrawn the ad campaign from both social media and outdoor advertising. 



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And they justify it by tossing some coins at a breast cancer charity

The Bavarian Bier Cafe is now serving ribs. Ribs - racks of ribs. Racks! You can see where this is going right? 

The ad campaign - presumably conceived in the minds of readers of Zoo Magazine - proclaims "We've got the best racks" and pictures two women wearing low cut dresses sitting beside a fully dressed man. The man presents a slab of meat on a wooden cutting board. The image is hashtagged #bestrack Maybe they're hoping it'll 'go viral.'  


The ad appeared on Facebook on 22nd September and announced that for every rack sold $1 will be donated to Breast Cancer Charity 'The Treasure Chest.' (FYI, a meal costs $37)

One Facebook comment asked why it is necessary to use sexual exploitation to raise money for breast cancer charities. A number of men jumped to defend the ad, outraged at the suggestion that this ad amounted to "exploitation" - after all the models agreed to pose for the ad and a "donation is a donation." (Even if it only amounts to 2.7% for every meal sold)

Most of the commenters were in on the joke though. That same, tired old joke thats been retold over and over again in our culture, always at the expense of women and girls. 


The Bavarian Bier Cafe hasn't limited its sexual objectification of women to social media. We were first alerted to this ad when we were contacted about an outdoor poster in Brisbane. 

The Sunday Mail wrote about this today:


 Click here to read the full article 

We said it in the Sunday Mail and we'll say it again here:

If the Bavarian Bier Café has any respect for women at all they’ll pull the ad campaign immediately and apologise.

To the Bavarian Bier Cafe -  

How are women who are undergoing treatment for breast cancer - which may include the removal of one or both breasts to save their lives - supposed to feel about your invitation to sexualise and judge women's breasts?

You cannot sexually objectify women and girls, treat them like meat and then pay us all off with a donation to a breast cancer charity. You are not only exploiting women and girls through sexual objectification, you are exploiting and using charities - charities that exist to help women survive a deadly disease - to justify your lazy and sexist marketing. 

Take Action! 

Here's the link to the Ad Standards Board - submit your complaint today:

Let the Bavarian Cafe know what you think here:

You can also let the Bavarian Bier Cafe know what you think via its website:

Looking for somewhere to host your end of year celebrations? Going out to dinner? Boycott the Bavarian Bier Cafe.

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