Etsy flogs ‘school girl’ sex doll modelled on teen

Etsy continues to aid the global trade in child sex abuse dolls - this time, flogging a ‘small’ breasted teen-like doll marketed for men’s sexual use. 

Promo images feature the ‘blonde school girl’ doll in school uniform, posed ready for and ‘wanting’ sexual abuse. Etsy petition head Anna Cordell updated her supporters this week:

In one Etsy promo image the sex doll is posed sitting spread-legged on a desk in a school uniform. Another image, taken up-skirt style, shows the doll posed leaning forward with its hands on the desk, revealing its underwear beneath a school skirt. 

A pop-up prompt warns Etsy customers that ‘This one’s going fast’ and to ‘Make a move so you don’t miss out’.

The product can be purchased using payment services including Apple Pay. Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and Google Pay, and includes free shipping to Australia from China.

The seller did not respond to our inquiries about customised dolls modelled on images of real girls.

The Etsy sex doll seller offers a range of teen dolls on its website

‘Saw you checking me out’ - Etsy’s sinister marketing 

After adding the doll to our Etsy shopping basket, we got a sickening email from Etsy encouraging us to proceed with our purchase:

'Teen sex doll' trade normalises child sexual abuse

In her new book ‘Sex dolls, robots and woman hating: the case for resistance’, Campaigns Manager and author Caitlin Roper documented attempts by sex doll manufacturers to ‘blur the boundaries between women and girls’ by designing ‘ambiguous ‘teen’ sex dolls’. Sellers pitch teen sex dolls as the solution to men’s ‘normal and acceptable’ sexual desires for teenage girls, and portray them as desiring sexual use and abuse by older men.

Why is Etsy catering to men who want to rape school girls and aiding the companies that manufacture these harmful products which put real, living girls at risk?

Take Action

Let your networks know what Etsy really is - an unethical corporate profiting from child sex abuse material and aiding the global trade in childlike sex abuse dolls. Sign and share the petition here.

Read more about our two-and-a-half year-long Etsy campaign here.

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