Media Coverage: Our exposure of Etsy selling child sex abuse dolls and incest + child abuse themed merch

Anna Cordell, head of the petition calling on Etsy to stop selling products which trivialise and eroticise crimes against women and girls, spoke to the Herald Sun, telling the major news outlet that these products 'do not belong on Etsy’.

January 29, 2021

E-commerce site Etsy is best known for selling handmade and vintage items like jewellery, bespoke wedding cake toppers and baby blankets. But the global shopping site has a growing dark underbelly selling child sex dolls and graphic slogan apparel.

One item available for sale titled “Boy sex doll” includes multiple explicit images of a silicon doll with a height of just 140cm, the average height for boys aged 10 -12 years old, and includes a diagram of how to move and position the doll.

Also rife among the ‘global marketplace’, as Etsy refers to itself, are a growing number of highly graphic items like underwear and t-shirts with slogans such as ‘Daddy’s little c**t’, ‘A**l Plz’, and ‘Daddy’s Little C**k W***e’.

Since discovering the disturbing products, Cordell has partnered with Collective Shout to launch an online petition asking Etsy to remove the items and ensure they do not return.

As well as the fact these products are placed alongside Father’s Day gifts and baby clothes, they eroticise child abuse. It does not belong on Etsy,” Cordell said.

(Movement Director) Melinda Tankard Reist agrees, and said the t-shirts, underwear and temporary tattoos, while not illegal, are part of a larger societal problem.

"These products fetishise girls and suggest they really want to be sexually abused by their fathers,” she said.

"Etsy is perpetuating this falsehood and playing into this paedophile fantasy.

"The company is promoting the idea that abuse is sexy.”

Etsy told News Corp a number of profiles selling the dolls have since been deactivated.

“We take the safety of our marketplace very seriously, and we regularly revisit and adjust our policies. We will continue to closely monitor this space,” a spokesperson said.

Read the full article here.

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